Letter Forty-Six from the Lovely Lady Lena

this is the hipster cafe called FREE SWIMMERS that floats on the river.

   Did you know that you can get free music from LDS.org?! It’s pretty much changed my life. Lately we are obsessed with this one Come Unto Christ. Not over-exaggerating when I say we listened to it for an hour on … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Five from the Lovely Lady Lena

The most precious little human being. (she dressed me with the head jewelry, I swear.)

‘This is not real!’ (if you know what I am quoting, I will seriously love you forever.) Seriously though, this past week has flown by and this transfer is only 5 weeks so everything is just going too fast. Blarg! On … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena


I suppose we should start with the most important item of business on the Laundry List. I have been called to the Germany, Berlin Mission and transferred to the Marzahn Berlin Ward! That’s right folks, I am leaving my tiny little German … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

'I'm FINDING in the rain, just finding in the rain. What a beautiful feeling....'

If I thought Utah was bipolar in the weather… it is currently SNOWING here and a few days ago we reached 20 degrees cels. What is going on Germany? Good thing I have resorted to wearing grandma clothes that are … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Two from the Lovely Lady Lena


Can’t think of any song lyrics to start this email so I will just jump into it. This week we got the good ol’ stomach flu bug. It started with Sister Sadler but within 24 hours all 4 Schwarzenberg missionaries … Continue reading

Letter Forty-One from the Lovely Lena


Does anyone know the Elvis song Return To Sender? Go listen to it right now because I’m going to reference it. (why do all my blog posts start with songs?!) Anyways, the German Postoffice is very interesting, as in they … Continue reading

Letter Forty from the Lovely Lady Lena

these little flowers are called Snow Bells. They are the first sign of spring! They are technically a weed, but I think they are gorgeous. It just goes to show that some things that annoy people can be so beautiful to others.

Everyday when you’re walking down the street, everybody that you meet Has an original point of view And I say HEY! what a wonderful kind of day. Where you can learn to work and play And get along with each … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Nine from the Lovely Lady Lena

New transfer, new companion, new planner!

‘Let her go, let her goooooo!’ (frozen soundtrack, words changed.) Well Tuesday snuck up on us and Sister Hansen and I said our goodbyes in the Leipzig train station. In all honesty, it feels like I am missing a limb without her. I … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Eight from the Lovely Lady Lena

We must say our dear farewells....

Dun dun dun. The call came. My heart was torn out, thrown on the ground, and jumped on a few times. Sister Hansen is leaving little ol’ me for Halle. We knew our time would draw to an end, but I … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

ANNA AND ALENA! okay, it actually said ANNA and ANNA, but let's just pretend.

Correction from last post: I meant Area 51 not Area 49! I have no idea what Area 49 is, maybe the hipster lot of Aliens??      I feel like today is the weirdest day for emails. My brother (serving in the … Continue reading