Letter Sixty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

moments before we saw Miss Plether Pants.

More often that not, my life feels like a movie. Today I came to the realization that I have 10 more weeks left on the mission. 10 more weeks. How in the world am I suppose to loose all the … Continue reading

Letter Sixty-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

Smile Chemnitz! We're coming for ya!

   Someone once told me that Chemnitz was voted the city that smiles the least in all of Germany. Sister Miller and I are changing that up pretty quickly. This week we taught thelaw of chastity in german sign language. … Continue reading

Letter Sixty-Two from the Lovely Lady Lena

on the way to berlin we came up with new handshake ideas and wanted to take a photo but couldn't stop laughing in time.

First there was blind Daniel….now there is deaf Daniel. That’s right, Sister Miller and I are teaching a deaf man named Daniel. I honestly never thought that I would translate from German to German Sign Language, but hey, I also … Continue reading

Letter Sixty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

This is Mark! Our friend going to South Africa in a few months to serve his mission!! (see my email from like 3 weeks ago)

Real estate agent. Travel agent. Therapist. Sport professional. Mover. Masseuse. Baker. Translator. And of course, Mormon Missionary. These are all the roles I played this week, one of the most eventful weeks of my mission. There is no way that I could even relay … Continue reading

Letter Sixty from the Lovely Lady Lena

the view from Ostkreuz Train station

  This morning I opened my mail box to a flood of creative emails comparing missions from everything from swimming to soccer to sandwiches. I just want to talk to you about Straußberg and skirts and other S words.  Straußberg is a … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Nine from the Lovely Lady Lena

7 to 1!!!!

W E L T M E I S T E R. erledigt. Okay, I don’t want to start up on how awesome Germany is, and how I am the luckiest Sister missionary ever, but come on….did you hear?! We won WORLD … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Eight from the Lovely Lady Lena

people playing patty cake in the back of my photo.

‘You can count the apples, but you can’t count the seeds.’ These words resonated with me this week as soon as my mission president said them at our zone training. He continued on to explain that we have an impact that … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

you have to be careful in bear country.

   Attitude not altitude. This week was miraculous, but only to someone with a positive attitude. I started the week by stumbling across this verse of scripture: ‘Say not ye, Thereare yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.’ (John 4:35)      This week I hit my 4 month mark until going home. Insert … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Six from the Lovely Lady Lena

what defines a good friend? one that let's you go to the Pergamon museum on P-day!

Worst. Idea. Ever. So here I am, sitting at the Turkish internet cafe, and I had the brilliant idea to listen to church music on LDS.org while I write emails to distract from all the loud people skyping in foreign … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Five from the Lovely Lady Lena

who knew these things could float???

  My goodness, is it seriously transfer calls again already? Alright, here’s the low down. I am staying in Berlin with Sister McBride, but my dear roommate/premortal friend Sister Rasmussen is being transferred up to Lübeck! Adios amigo. (Spanish spell check) ‘This … Continue reading