Dinner and a Show

The other night after working our butts off cleaning, we walked to The Slab to eat pizza and watch our friend Austin’s jazz band. I learned a few things that night:

1. The Slab is amazing. It was my first time, but I highly recommend the Thai Chicken Pizza. It’s just got the right amount of pizzaz! (bad pun, get used to it)

2. Austin is really good at drumming. Way to go Austin!

3. I love dinner and a show! Especially when we’re sitting front row taking stalker pictures of the quirky trombone player.

4. Walking to pizza is a good idea. Stuffing your face full of pizza and expecting to be able to walk home… that’s unrealistic.

I am already yearning for some more pizza from the Slab. Next time an unprepared date asks me where I want to go for dinner, I will quickly reply THE SLAB AND DRIVE FAST!

-Lady Lena

who is not so lady like when she eats really really really really really tasty pizza.

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