Sunday Church Fashion

Dear friends. Today Sarah and I just happened to wear our black dresses. We naturally thought a photo shoot should take place after church. I loved posing, getting funky looks from kids walking back from church. “What you wanna tussle?” Actually probably not the best idea, my Michael Kors dress is hard to maneuver in. No complaints though, it’s worth waddling like a penguin!

The weather was so beautiful. And the lightening. Ahh, I almost had a heart attack, even ask Sarah. Also, is anyone else OBSESSED with Sarah’s pink boots? I know I will be stealing borrowing those soon. I can’t believe October is almost to a close. I still haven’t carved pumpkins, drank apple cider, gone to a haunted house, made my halloween costume (any ideas??), or watched a scary movie. I have a week to do all of those! Busy, busy, busy.

-Lady Lena

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