19th Birthday


I painted my nails to look like cigarettes because I turned 19 and that’s the only new thing you can do that age. Way cooler then actually smoking!


Hannah’s adorable combo. The bees also loved it!


A peaceful canyon drive with Le Mother in Le Convertible, just what I needed!



This is only 22 days old. I’m getting better at posting!

Guys, I seriously had the best 19th birthday a girl could ask for! My roomies made me cake batter pancakes from heaven for breakfast. Nothing says HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER then cake batter pancakes. I met back up with my friends for a picnic perfect lunch. Yes, I did require them to dress up, hey my day my way! The teal number I have was a birthday present I got last year from a vintage store in downtown SLC called Decades. It’s now my birthday dress. After our picnic, my mum came down and took me shopping. At real stores. For new clothes. My mom pretty much only shops at the DI, so this was a big deal. I got those lovely black floral jeans from Cotton On, the white shirt from Forever 21, and the bow tie from a tiny little Tie shop. I felt like a chic, vintage butler.

For the past month I’ve been signing up for free stuff from food vendors and collecting birthday coupons. For dinner, we piled into Jen’s car and drove around to pick up all my freebs. We divided them up and ate like kings. It was glorious! Later that night I had a few more friends squish into my ghetto dorm for cake and socializing. I love parties. And cake. And crushing on kids. So that made it a successful night!

What do you think of my birthday dress? Or the bow tie look? I’m looking forward to next years birthday!

-Lady Lena

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