Sister Missionary Call

Hello dear reader,

Remember how I told you about submitting my papers? Well now I have an exciting new chapter to add to my life story.

Yesterday I was waiting around anxiously for a call from my apartment’s central building that I had a package. I waited, and waited. and waited. I played Just Dance 2, watched Saved by the Bell, baked muffins, and took a longgggg shower. I had a nagging feeling to check my mail box even though everyone gets their call at the central building. But none the less, I put on some clothes and walked to my mailbox. I turned the latch, opened the box, and my mouth fell down. I was looking at a large white folder from church headquarters. I could not believe it! Other girls in my apartment got their calls from the central building on that same day! So why was mine in the mailbox? I had no idea! I was so grateful that I had checked the mailbox, so grateful that the Lord was already blessing me with little miracles. I ran upstairs screaming to my roommates Hannah C. and Hailey that I had IT. It was a tornado of emotions as I frantically called my mother, father, and texted all my friends. I couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen, I was actually going to know where I would serve the Lord.
That was at 1.30 pm. I waited 5 hours until I opened my call. The hours surprisingly flew by! I went to my Contemporary Art class, made cupcakes, and played more video games. Before I knew it, my house was filling up with friends and family. People were getting anxious for me to open my call, but I had to wait for a car full of friends from Draper to arrive. It was the longest wait. I had to sit in my room with my Bon Iver record playing to calm me down.

Eventually they arrived, and I stood on the table with my little green scissors in hand. I cut away and slowly, carefully pulled out the title paper. I covered it up, reading it one word at a time, somehow managing to pace myself. Out of nowhere the words jumped out. They hit me in the stomach, forcing me to scream with joy, “I’m going to Germany Berlin!” and then “I leave on your anniversary, May 1st!” and then of course “Shoot, I miss the Great Gatsby by 9 days!” Haha, only I would make a remark like that.

I can not begin to explain that moment when I read Germany Berlin. That moment is frozen in my mind. Nothing else mattered. My call was inspired by divine revelation, there is no doubt in my mind.

This is such an amazing time to be a part of in the church. I love Wednesday nights on Facebook as everyone posts their mission calls. Next Wednesday one of my closest friends J will get his call. Next to mine, his is the call I’m most excited about. I hope he leaves May 1st so I don’t have to wait longer than 24 months to see him.

There is so much to do now! I leave exactly one week after finals end! But first, I must finish my German homework as it matters 10x more now.

Pictures + videos to come soon from opening my call!

Much love,

Lena {sister} Helzer

8 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Call

  1. You are going to LOVE your new mission president! Henry Kosak is a friend of ours and a native German. He is wonderful.

  2. Love your blog. Love your enthusiasm. Love you! You are going to be an amazing missionary and I can’t wait to follow all of your adventures.

  3. “Sister Missionary Call | The Lady Lena”
    actually makes myself ponder a somewhat further.
    I actually appreciated each and every single portion of
    this blog post. Thanks for the post ,Benjamin

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