Berlin Graphic Design

I was browsing Pinterest for fashion ideas for my Mission. I got distracted… like I usually do, and I started searching for all things Berlin. All of these awesome graphic designs started popping up. Here are some of my favorite! germany graphic 123286108519366621_WoWpYoHR_c 123497214751905038_1xtGCIkv_c 184225440976625685_TRMOFC47_c 217087644509880946_e6dc3KDY_c 217087644510014480_zGs0sZcw_c 226517056227495049_qYrGfl9r_c 279575089337424629_OMQwMHP3_c

I can’t wait to go somewhere so hip! And this is only one section of my mission. I pretty much get the whole upper half of Germany. I found a map of my mission and all the zones. This is where I’ll be:

Map of Germany Berlin Mission

Isn’t that awesome! I’d say so, but I may be a little biased. Comment which graphic design is your favorite!

Much love,


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