Sundance Film Festival

Hello dear Readers!

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, aka a day off a school. We took that as a golden opportunity to drive up to Park City for the annual Sundance Film Festival. Seeing as I won’t be able to go until 2 years, I thought we needed to make the most of the day! My friends and I are all about the Freebs, which simply means anything that is free to the public most commonly food but other items could include chapstick, movie tickets, or post cards. Sundance is a perfect place to load up on freebs. All my friends, excluding the boy J, are from Utah but this was their first time at Sundance. They were a little skeptical about the expensive parking but within five minutes of walking on Main street we had free water bottles, a free printed photo, and free pastries.

park city freebs

This is the sign of a fellow Freebers. We take the art of getting things free very seriously. Hey, we’re poor college students what can you expect?!
free food park city sundance morning star cafe sundance food 2013

There was a cafe set up by Morning Star Farms where you could order what ever you wanted for FREEEEEEE. I could not believe my eyes. It was wonderful. park city photos

J loves the bear more than the girl. Typical boys.
sundance park city Ted Mosby at Sundance

My roommate Hannah met Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Motherpark city utah utah singer seth brown

The sweet sounds of a young Utah artist named Seth Brown. He was wonderful! Don’t believe me? Click here for some sweet sounds.
Duncan Penn sundance

My oh my! Who do we have here? It’s Duncan from The Buried Life.
Banksy sundance

It was J’s first time to Park City, so we naturally had to take a picture by a Banksy original. You should know that J and I are art nerds, big fat art historians at heart. sundancesleepcollage

This is the product of a long and early car ride. We are an attractive bunch f I do say so myself.
chase sapphire photos park city

There were so many opportunities for free photos! rockon hpphoto

If you’ve never been to Park City for the Sundance Film Fest, it’s well worth the trek and expensive parking. I’m already excited to go in 2 years!

Also, pictures and video from my mission opening will be up soon! Stay patient, stay classy, and stay tuned!



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