Australia, Brisbane Mission

My dear friends,

Jared got his mission call on Friday. When he read “Australia, Brisbane Mission” my heart jumped out of my chest, did a few laps, and a couple of back flips before settling back in my chest. Why? My buddy, and Jared’s friend, Cory, is also going the Brisbane mission on the same day! Two of my favorite people will be 9754.15 miles away from me. I’m so proud of them for choosing to go on a mission. I’m proud of all my friends going on missions, it’s an exciting time to be a Mormon youth!Image

Can’t wait to hear all about their adventures come May! And who knows, maybe I’ll run into them at the MTC.

G’day Mate!

Lady Lena

11 thoughts on “Australia, Brisbane Mission

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  2. Will be great to have another Elder serve in the Australia Brisbane mission, it really is the best place on earth!

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