Basic Sister Missionary Wardrobe Pieces

Hallo meine Freunden! Just practicing my Deutsch. I think I have 12 more weeks until I move 1 block up the street to the Empty Sea. But who’s counting? I’m really enjoying my 2nd semester at BYU. I live with 5 of the most caring, beautiful, and down right hilarious girls. And a fish. We love our pet fish. His name is Glen.

Today I took pictures of all the missionary type clothes to give you an idea of what to buy. Disclaimer: this is not necessarily what I will be bringing, just a rough idea.

I have a plethora of cardigans. For years I’ve been obsessed with simple one colored cardigans. They can change the vibe of an outfit in a heart beat. My high school fashion required only cardigans, dresses, and tights. Not much will have to change except the hemlines.

I am lacking actual shirts. I have one: the blue velvet one featured in the Teal Takeover. And I need shoes. And an umbrella. And…. well I have a lot of shopping ahead of me. Which I certainly don’t mind! 🙂

Many, if not all, of these pieces do not look flattering hanging on my door. I look forward to putting together actual outfits for you to see the full effect, it has just been cray cray at the Penthouse (or properly renamed: Heartbreak Hotel).

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Aren’t texture skirts so fun?! It may be my new obsession, sorry cardis!

sister missionary blogThanks for reading! Please comment (by clicking on the number at top of post) with some of the places you’ve got missionary gear. Enjoy the last day of the first month of 2013! Hasn’t this month just flown by??? In a year from now I will be somewhere in Germany. Freaky fresh!

Love you lots,

Lady Lena + Glen the fish


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