Sister Missionary Fashion | Pleats Please

Dearest Darling Readers,

Congrats! You survived the first month of 2013. January was full of ups and downs for me. Some more public like a mission call, others I’ll keep to myself and leave you guessing. We are 1/12th of the way done with 2013. This time next year I will be somewhere in Germany with my darling friend Hannah running the blog. I thought I’d introduce her officially. Hannah and I met back in 2004, in fact when it’s our 10 year friendaversary I will be almost done with my mission. Woaaaaah. Hannah is one of my many awesome roommates I have down at BYU. She’s got style, she’s got swag, she’s got it all! We decided to take some photos of our church fashion today. Although you can’t wear a dress as short as mine or a skirt as long as Hannah’s, you can definitely use these as inspiration! Pleats on skirts and shirts are very trending. Get them while they’re hot! Haha, but really I am a big pleats fan. They bring clothing to life!sister missionary clothing fashion for mormon teens

sister missionary clothing

Maybe it was because of the fasting, or maybe because this is just who we are, either way Hannah and I had a hard time being serious.

modest mormon blog

mormon modest blogs

It was her mom’s in the 80’s. Not a Mean Girls reference.

Isn’t my best friend just a doll? I hope you liked the fashion! Follow us on pinterest. PIN THIS by clicking bellow. Tweet it. I guess.

Haha ok I’m in a weird fast sunday mood, I will go before I get any weirder. I love you guys!


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