Sister Missionary Style | Playing with Patterns

Hola friends! I hope everyone is every a great Tuesday. I just came back from going to the Temple with my friends so I am in a great mood. It’s amazing how the Temple can flip your day upside down.

Today I have a paired for you a fun sister missionary outfit. If you can’t tell, the shirt is black velvet with gold sparkles. It is a fun piece but hard to coordinate with. I thought it might be fun to mix the shirts pattern with the black and white scarf. I hear scarves are great for the mission because they can totally change an outfit. This Nordstrom’s scarf will definitely be accompanying me to Germany. Wow guys, I just had to use spell check like a thousand times. As I practice my German my English falls through the roof. Rough life. Or should I say ‘ruff’ life? And before I forget, go like us on social media. Aka Facebook. Just click here.

i hope they call me on a mission


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Why does my foot look broken?

style for sisters

lds fashion

Found this beauty at the Saint George D.I. for 3 dollars. Rad!

sister missionary

My Oma gave me this necklace when I was young. It is my favorite accessory! It’s a great conversation starter.

sister missionary gifts

“We seek after these things” ring.

Well, well, well. What think ye?

I just noticed you can see my German flag nails in the bottom photo. Well, what used to be German flag nails. They are in need of a little touching up.

I hope you’re enjoying these fashion posts. Go look at more of them by going to categories and clicking on Fashion.


Lady Lena

7 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Style | Playing with Patterns

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