Sister Missionary Style | Leopard Accessories

Good Evenin’ Ladies ‘n’ Gents!

Can I share the funniest experience? My friends and I love to play pranks. We absolutely adore it. Tonight we decided to go give funky valentines out to strangers in a gorilla suit and 2 masked sidekicks. We were having a ball scaring people in their dorms but then we formulated the perfect plan. Whitney (in the gorilla suit) sat in the window well that connects to our friend Heber’s kitchen. She started banging on their window and he pulled open the blinds and just stared at her. Hannah and I walked down to their front door. The peephole is missing so we tried to watch them go to the kitchen and we were going to sneak inside and scare them from behind. They foiled the plan as they started walking to leave! Hannah and I ran out through the laundry room and hid in the bushes. Heber chased Whitney and picked her up, tackling her, trying to rip off her mask. Whitney ran away, slipped, and Hannah and I busted out laughing. We thought Heber would hear us but he kept on chasing Whitney thinking it was me. Hannah and I went into super stealth mode, snuck behind them, and ran into his kitchen. We sat on the couch, masked, with mugs and a nerf gun. A few minutes later we heard Heber come back inside. But he went straight to his room and couldn’t hear our giggles. So we turned on the water hoping he’d come in to turn it off. Nope. Nothing. Foiled plan again. Hannah, masked and all, hid in their broom closet while I took the nerf gun to shoot Heber. He sat at his computer and I put the gun through the crack of the door and shot him. Confused, he turned around asking who was there. That is when Heber saw my reflection in his bedroom mirror. Imagine seeing the reflection of a panda masked human. Heber jumped, screamed at the highest pitch known to man kind, and almost crushed my fingers when he slammed the door shut. I busted out laughing, led Heber into the kitchen, where Hannah popped out and scared him again. It. Was. Epic. Heber is the best person to scare. He is always super jumpy which is hilarious if you knew what he looked like.

Anyways I thought you guys would enjoy that story. Yay for pranks! Yay for college! Tonight I have a classic outfit purr-fect for the mission. Get it? Purr-fect because it is leopard themed. Har har har, I crack myself up. sister missionary style the lady lena fashion blog

Cheesy foot pop

Cheesy foot pop

the lady lena lds fashion bloggers

In answer to your questions, yes this is my natural hair.

In answer to your questions, yes this is my natural hair. And my natural triple chin. And my natural distorted laughing face.

Looking closer at these pictures I realize that my shirt really needs to be ironed. Do bear with me.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day, you know I will be kissing to get free Chipotle. If that really is a free thing. Anything for the freebs!


Lady Lena

P.S. Grandma I was kidding. Do not worry.

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