DIY Paper Bag Banner

Hallo meine Freundin!

How was your Valentine’s day? I got 3 dozen flowers, ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and enjoyed a classy night out dancing did homework. I also made this lovely banner. We have a billion paper bags from going to the grocery store and I thought it would be fun to make a banner out of them. It was super easy! What took me the longest time was handwriting the letters. I debated painting them and I’m sure they would’ve looked really cute, but I refrained. This craft is so simple, free, and sweetens up the place. Give it a try! If you end up painting the letters, send me a picture of your hard work.


Step One: using a sheet of paper cut out the size of the triangle you want to use.

the lady lena

Our stack of paper bags. I only used 2 bags for this craft. You can cut out 6 triangles to one bag easily.

the lady lena blog

Trace the triangle on the paper and cut out

lady lena

I ironed the paper a little just to get out a few creases

lady lena blog

Using a sharpie, write what you want your banner to say

lady lena blogspot

Tape it up!


the lady lena sister missionary blog

The Penthouse

the lady lena

Mix up the fonts, it’s funky

I love crafts. My roommate Sarah does as well. She says she has a DIY Disorder. If you have any cheap, college fun craft ideas, comment and let us know!


Lady Lena

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