Sister Missionary Style | 70s Flashback

Happy birthday Presidents! I really appreciate this low key Monday. I’ve been slaving over homework this weekend trying to get caught up for all my upcoming midterms. Last semester I was so much better about going to the library and doing my homework but now that I live with all my friends it is much harder to leave the penthouse. My roommates are looking at housing for next semester and it breaks my heart a little. I can’t imagine not living without any of them. I get anxious thinking about returning home from my mission to find they are all married and I will have to room with strangers once again, but this time I won’t be so lucky. Ahhhh! Anyone that knows me knows that I like to have my life planned out years in advance. Everyday I like to think “what will I be doing on this day in 3 years, 5 years, 8 years from now?” I think it is great to plan for your future and keep an eternal perspective, but sometimes I just need someone to remind me it will all work out, and that’s what my amazing friends are for.

Today I have a cozy little mission outfit for y’all. I hear that midi skirts are great if you are on a biking mission. I got this midi skirt at Urban Outfitter’s vintage section a couple years back in Newport. I also bought the gray cardigan there. The red oxfords are from H&M. I got them a month ago, there are so many color options still there. If you like them, check them out! The sunglasses were just a fun little photo prop, but I got them at the….drum roll please….D.I. Guys I can not explain how much I love thrift shops. Seriously I have an addiction. When I traveled with the carnival I would go to a different Michigan thrift shop every location. I think I brought home a wardrobe fit for a grandmother. Success! I really want to go out to L.A. before the mission to get some good thrifting in. Know of any amazing places? Let me know, you’d be a doll!

style for sister missionaries

Guys I was in a weird mood taking these photos. Not a single one turned out normal.

bella in berlin blog

Here’s to lookin at you!

sister missionary fashion

what clothes to buy for mission

duck face + peace signs = social media success

Alright the midi skirt may be an awkward length for someone as short as me (5 feet 3 1/2 inches) but a sister missionary’s gotta do what a sister missionary’s gotta do. Get ready for me Berlin, because I’m coming midi skirt and all!


Lady Lena

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