Sister Missionary Style | Mellow Yellow

Happy Fashion Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying February’s last Friday. I enjoyed it by taking a trip to Mountain West Burrito with the soon to be missionary in Japan: Jake. Mucho gracious Jake! It was one of the best lunches I’ve had all year. Unfortunately, I felt a little sick from eating a pound of tortilla chips, so I had Hannah model today’s outfit. Yesterday I went shopping with my Madre and got this mellow yellow sparkly shirt from Forever 21. Actually, this pleated skirt is also from Forever 21. I guess it’s a Forever day! I think Hannah looks like a modern day Belle with her brown hair and yellow threads. I believe yellow is great for a mission wardrobe because it’s an instant brightener! People will not be able to ignore you and your shining jams. So buckle up, let’s get the yellow on!

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fashion for sister missionaries

Although you won’t want to wear heels, I think leopard flats would look great with this piece.

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mission blog for lds

Hannah’s ring is the coordinates to where her boyfriend is currently on a mission. Isn’t that adorable?!

style for sister missionaries

I love the reflections on the window in this photo

Thanks to Hannah for being my test subject today. Plan on seeing more of my roommates later in the week! Enjoy the day, have it your way. I’m a poet. Now you know it.


Lady Lena

5 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Style | Mellow Yellow

  1. Good use of Yellows! Way to make Sister Missionary clothing cute and unique. Way to show off the accessories too! Alot of Sisters struggle knowing what jewelry can and cannot be worn. Thanks and hope to see more blogs on sister missionary clothes from you.

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