Sister Missionary Style | The Pink Collared Shirt Saga Part Two

Good morning my darlings. It’s currently 11:11, make a wish! Okay, done. I will tell you if my wish comes true. Actually, I don’t think I can. I think that is against the wishing rules.

I woke up sick early this morning but luckily I have the best boyfriend who brought me soup and old movies a laptop to entertain me and a giant bed to sprawl out on. The Heber trip was a success! I will post pictures and a video from that later this week. Today we’re going to cover part two of the Pink Collared Shirt Saga.

schwester helzer sister missionary style blogs for missionaries missionary shoes not danskos  bella in berlin modest mormon clothesGuys can we just all agree that Utah has the most beautiful mountains? My friend and I discussed how much we are going to miss them when we go on our missions. We also figured out that our missions are as faraway as possible. He will be underneath my feet and vice versa. Pretty cool, huh?!

So you may recognize this skirt from posts like Playing With Patterns. I got it at the DI and it’s one of my favorite skirts. So versatile! And good news, the midi skirt is coming into fashion! Now is a great time to be a fashionable sister missionary.

Back to sleep I go,

Love Lena


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