Sister Missionary Style | Pink Collared Shirt Saga Part 3

Evenin’ Ladies ‘n’ Gents!

I am proud to present my latest installment of the Pink Collared Shirt Saga. Drum roll please. I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but the shirt is a recent find. I bought it at the Forever 21 in Orem, UT. So if you like it, go buy it and we can be twins! I love matching with people.  In 5th grade no one wanted to be my twin for Twin Day, so I made my own Siamese one out of foam and dressed her up to look exactly like me. Haha, I will find pictures of it when I go home. In ninth grade my friend Alyssa and I bought the exact same color block dress that we were going to play who wore it better. I actually have a picture of that dress. I loved it, adored it, worshiped it. I have no idea what ever happened to it! I wouldn’t fit in it now anyways, but color blocking is still a great trend. Anyways what was my tangent? Oh yeah, I love matching! My younger sisters are twins and I always tried to dress them matching. They never liked it. Luckily, Hannah likes to match with me. Whether it’s church or a classic skating party. I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with matching, what is next, a 40 year old double wedding? Probably not, I think it’s been established that I’m going to have a lavish pinterest perfect wedding just become a proud puppy owner. I don’t want a mate, just a puppy play date. Sign me up, I need a pup! So poetic.

lady lena

The dress we both bought for our own game of who wore it better

mormon fashion byu

Hannah and I are both wearing fun animal sweaters. #matching

I hope you had the best pi day ever. I memorized 100 digits of pi in 8th grade. In other news, I am a dork. Return to fashion? Yes, let’s.

So for this outfit I tried wearing an adorable blazer I got when I visited NYC 3 years ago. Clearly, it didn’t fit. Tear drops. I am also wearing some shoes I bought specifically for my mission. I got them at Ross and they are cushioned, lined, and I can’t wait to walk and walk and walk and walk and walk like a pioneer child. And walk. And walk. And walk. Still walking. Now I’m riding a bike. Back to walking.

how to wear a blazer

The blazer doesn’t fit. Any takers?

clothes for mormon mission

how to dress modestly

so artsy.

what shoes to buy for mission best shoes for my mission

mormon blogger award

Easy and basic makeup for Le Mission

So shoes – ross, shirt – forever 21, skirt – DI. Hope that helps you struggling shoppers! Speaking of, I can see where you are reading my blog (stalker powers) but I can’t see where you’re going on your mission. Perhaps you’d want to comment or email me  because I am dying to hear! My favorite former co worker to say the least is opening her call tomorrow. Kayla, my guess is Berlin because I just want you to come with me!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever written so much for a blog post and I feel like I have so much more to write. I need to cram it all in before I leave in t minus seven weeks. Seven weeks. Props to time for sneaking up on me. I wonder if that’s how my 18 months will feel like.

This post is getting super long because I am not in the mood to go do homework. Sorry, I should be more motivating, but I have a bad case of missionaryitis. I often think about the people in my mission. I just squeeze my eyes shut and imagine them opening their old adorable doors. I picture myself holding a german/english dictionary standing on cobblestone. I anxiously look forward to serving those people. I can’t wait for letters. I’ve been obsessed with letters since elementary school. I loved passing notes to my friends. Your day can be made with a simple handwritten letter. Do you hear that boy(s)? Write that princess a hand written letter. Write the frog one to, just for fun. Yup, this is no longer a subtle hint. Writing notes shows that you care. Do you care?

Hahah well I think that is enough tangent for one post.

Have a great night,

Lady Lena

5 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Style | Pink Collared Shirt Saga Part 3

  1. Whoa I know Jordan too! Small world.
    I feel like I’ve seen you around, but right now I’m stuck in the stalker-sphere. Sorry.
    You can stalk me too if you would like.

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