Where to buy Sister Missionary Clothes

Hello! Hej Hej! Wilkommen! I’m getting visitors from all over the world and I can not express how much I love that! Yesterday I had a visitor from a country I have never even heard of! Clearly I need to brush up on my ninth grade geography, so sorry Ms.H!

In preparation for Germany, I’ve changed all my internet sites to German. It is hard to navigate around facebook but I still manage to post things to the fan page. Just click this lovely pink sentence to be directed to the fan page.

Now let’s get down to business. A lot of you have been emailing me asking where I buy my clothes. What am I thinking running a fashion blog without telling you where to buy the clothes? Silly Lena! I’ve created a handy dandy list for all you shoppers out there.

1. Forever 21. Does this sound cliche, because it should. I worked at f21 two years ago and it ruined their clothes for me for a little bit. That has now faded and I’m back browsing through their great deals. They are so affordable and they have a HUGE variety.

alena helzer mission blog

This shirt and skirt are both from F21

2. TJ Maxx/Ross. I am a maxxinista! These stores are great because you get designer finds at discount prices. Wow, I am starting to sound like a radio commercial. But really, these stores are great for blouses! I struggled finding skirts that were longer than my butt. These stores are also great for shoes! This is where I bought my blue ones that feel like you are walking on heaven. Check out their shoe department and the luggage. Great deals folks!

best shoes for my mission

Shoes from…. TJ Maxx?! You betcha!

3. Thrift stores. I know I sound like a broken record (hipster reference?) but thrift stores are the best thing to ever happen. Sure it takes time to browse but you can get amazing, one of a kind deals. Every skirt I bought for my mission expect one is from a thrift store like Deseret Industries. Every. Single. One. Minus. One. Hahha! If you don’t live by a DI, do not fret. Savers, Salvation Army, and local thrift stores are equally awesome. When I lived in Michigan I went to a different thrift store every week and was never disappointed.  Explore and save money!

lds fashion blog

Thrift shop skirt. Just one of many!

4. Your friend’s closets. If you have friends who have gone on missions then definitely, politely, hit them up! Or just use your friend’s closets to get inspiration. When I saw this black and white striped skirt in Hannah’s closet I knew I had to buy one just like it. (Luckily she gave it to me as my mission gift. S/O to that sweetheart!) Use your friends closets to help draw ideas and then go out in the real world and make purchases!

sister missionary style

Use your friend’s closets as inspiration

5. Papaya & Charlotte Russe have some amazing blouses. Downeast Basics has… basics like the traditional Mormon Shade shirt. This shirt comes in pretty much any color. Score! Try shopping sale at department stores like Dillards and Macy’s. And not in the Junior’s section. Go to the classy lady section. That is missionary central. H&M was my first love. I haven’t bought a lot there because the Utah store isn’t the best, especially compared to the ones I remember in Germany. So I am holding out my H&M shopping spree until later. Anthropologie. That word brings goose bumps to my arms. They have amazing modest dresses (a rare find) and skirts. But be warned, their prices are a little steep.

This shirt is from Papaya. Cheap 'n' chic!

This shirt is from Papaya. Cheap ‘n’ chic! And the skirt? Thrifted.

I hope this helps you get started! From now on I will post where I get my stuff for each outfit. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment or email alena@helzer.eu I love hearing from you!

Here’s a small tip for shopping: if you have not received your endowments, buy a shade shirt to try clothes on. If it covers the shade shirt, it is modest.

Also, I totally recommend changing your facebook and other internet sites to the language you will be speaking on your mission. I seem to spend a lot of time online so this way I can classify it as studying.

Until next time,

Lady Lena

7 thoughts on “Where to buy Sister Missionary Clothes

  1. New Balance shoes makes a great quality, comfortable, cute brand of shoes called Cobb Hill. They are fairly inexpensive (under $100) and not joking, extremely comfortable and cute. They sell the brand at local New Balance stores, where they will actually help you get the best fit, which is great when we think about how much sister missionaries will be on there feet!

  2. Great article and loved the part about friends closets, a new and good idea most sisters most likely look over! We are also an exclusive sister missionary clothing store so check us out, we lack large amounts of inventory but are catering to modest women looking to serve full time missions!

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  4. Ah! Such cute stuff, you are an amazing thrifter. I love that last skirt. Somehow my goodwill always only seems to have the moth-eaten smelly stuff left! Anyway, I run Sorella Bella – sistermissionaryclothes.com – so if you or any of your friends find sister missionary clothing you like there use the code SHIP4FREE for free shipping.

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