Sister Missionary Fashion | Plaid is Rad

Good evening Ladies ‘n’ Gents!

Today I bring you a lovely combination of plaid and denim. Yes, you could say 90s inspired. Hey, fashion repeats every 20 years! I got this skirt from the DI over Christmas break. It’s got everything a boarding school girl desires: pleats, plaid, and perfectly poised. That’s the power of P!

Disclaimer: Hannah and I were getting really funky with the photo angles. The clothing is a little 90s inspired as well as the photography. Why? Because I have 9 weeks until my mission. 90s for 9! Haha clever, eh?

missionary kleidung

denim shirt: forever 21

alpine swiss lds mission bella in berlin

what shoes to buy for my mission

clown feet. shoes: H&M

alena helzer blog

“Are you following The Lady Lena on Facebook?”

modest clothes for cheap

90s for 9!

what to wear on mission

diverse angles

modest mormon fashion

Chilling like a G ma.

This outfit is so fun! And the best part is the skirt can move freely… for biking and dancing and stuff.

Now to share the best part of my day…. we got three letters from Elder Mecham!!!!! He only lives a few blocks up the street but he might as well be all the way in Japan. It was great to hear from this unicorn mask wearing crispy delicious making best friend of ours. Have you ever used Dear Elder? Well it’s pretty much the best thing ever. You type in a letter, message, poem, etc and they will print it for FREE and give it to the missionary. Do you want practice? Well write Elder Mecham! Tell him that you read my blog and then tell him anything! Write him a poem or a funny dear john letter. It’s free, easy, and Elder Mecham would sure appreciate it.

Elder Jake Snow Mecham

Provo Missionary Training Center P.O #216
JPN-SAP 0509

That’s all you need to send him a quick message so go do it.

And remember to have a great day!


Lady Lena
sapparro japan mission unicorn masks

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