Easter Sunday 2013

Ready for some Easter puns? I’m sure they will crack you up. There’s a ton of bad egg yolks, but before I get started: Hoppy Easter Peeps! I’m really eggshauted but that’s no eggcuse not to write a blog eggsplaining my eggcelent Easter. This might be eggrevating to read but I’m bEGGing you to continue. I’ve been working eggstra hard on my school work so I can be a good eggample to my siblings. Ok fine, Omelet you finish reading this post without any eggcrutiating puns.

Haha puns. Gotta love ’em. If you can’t pun with me, you can’t run with me.

great places to hide easter eggs

Check out my Easter bunny skills

easter 2013

Yes I’m available to hire for hiding eggs

golden retriever

The most adorable puppy, Miss Ember Nilla Helzer

easter dog

Cuddling with my one true love

golden retriever playing dead

Ember playing dead

easter egg hunts

And the winner is…

easy cute pinterest easter egg

I couldn’t figure out why the boy looked so weird, now I realize his neck is on backwards. So it is a girl and her pet owl. Awwww ❤

classy easter eggs

Gettin’ fancy with our decorating

mormon bloggers german easter egg

funny easter eggs


golden easter eggs

Not edible, definitely made by angels

I had a grand slam time relaxing at home, decorating eggs, and making myself sick on starburst jellybeans. Hope you had a great Easter weekend and if you’re in school I hope you can make it through the last 2 weeks of classes.

Stay tuned for some good looking roommates in some good looking peplums!

Lady Leeeeeeeeeeena.

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