Sister Missionary Style | Pretty in Peach and Peplum

Hello lovelies! This week I’m going to do a three part series on peplums. There a few dresses in a girl’s life that they will never forget. Prom dress, wedding dress, and Michelle William’s 2012 Oscar peplum dress. I instantly fell in love with that coral Louis Vuitton gown. Ahh drooling! It was from that moment that I knew peplums would become a new trend and one I couldn’t wait for. They flatter every figure, so why not give it a try?

Today’s peplum look consists of a navy blue peplum from Forever 21 for the cheap price of 12.99! Wowzers! I got the skirt, originally from J Crew, from a thrift store in NYC for 2 dollars. Even more wowzers! The pearl collar necklace is from Claire’s (yes they sell things without Justin Bieber’s face on it.)

how to wear a peplum blog for missionaries in europe cute peplums collar necklaces what shoes to wear on my mission sister missionary style sister missionary style

bella in berlin


dorm decorating

recycling the tissue puffs from Lydia’s Bridal Shower

I love the color combination of peach and navy. They’d make for cute wedding colors! Geeze-whiz, I love weddings. But you know what I love even more than weddings and cute color combinations? I love hearing from you guys! Your emails and comments are so fun to come home to. If you haven’t already, go like me on the good ol’ FB. Oh and if you have your mission call, tell me where you’re going! I can see where my readers are from but I can’t see where they’re going!

Until the next peplum post,



3 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Style | Pretty in Peach and Peplum

  1. And I was just wondering how one wears a peplum shirt. I’m not kidding, I’ve never seen one I’ve liked. Until now. You totally pull it off!

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