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The past few days our mail key has been MIA which is no beuno because tomorrow I’m set to receive a missionary letter. So today I went to our central building to request a new key be made. They said it would take a few days. I don’t have a few days, I have one day! I went home frustrated and decided to clean the WHOLE apartment in search of the mail key. Plus our apartment needs to be deep cleaned. I decided to change out of my nice clothes and started debating what sweats to wear. Initially I picked up my gray ones but I had a feeling to wear my velvet green grandma sweats. I listened to the spirit, put on the green pants, put my hands in the pocket and WALLAH! The mail key was in my pants!! Oh goodness. Silly me. Isn’t it funny how the Lord answers our prayers? He knew how much that mail key meant to me and he helped me out! I love the power of prayer!! But now the apartment won’t be cleaned today. #sorrynotsorry #mamalena #hashtagsonblogs??

Haha, well let’s get on with the show. Today I bring you the second installment of Peplums! This leopard peplum is from Papaya at University Mall. I think it was like 7.00, super cheap! You know me, I love a good deal. I had to wear the jean jacket in a few shots because it is just so 90’s and again, you know me, I love the 90s.

Now buggers, I’m going to pick a bone with you. Have you liked The Lady Lena on Facebook? Because you ought to. 100th liker will get a shout out. Yay for the day and age of social media! Show your friends how cool you are, hop on the bandwagon. #peerpressure Also, you can follow me on Instagram. I don’t post a lot of fashion-y stuff but I think I’m pretty clever.

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Hey! Wanna hear about the church?

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sister missionary leopard shirts


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Hair flip gone wrong.

sister missionary fashion lds

sister missionary mall

Just thought I’d show you that this shirt would go great with more than that black skirt!

It’s hard to fathom that the semester is almost over. I hate picturing the day I leave this lovely Penthouse with all my gals, but I am very excited for the new adventures life has in store for me. I hope the same can be said for you!

Until next time,

Lady Lena

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