Sister Missionary Style | Salmon ‘n’ Stripes

Hip hip hooray, it’s Friday! And oh what a much needed weekend! Tomorrow I am going to swim with mermaids. Yes, you read that correctly. Look forward to some ‘fin’tastic pictures.

Today I have the last peplum installment. I’m loving this salmon colored peplum from Papaya and this skirt is my favorite piece. It goes great with everything! And it’s incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately it’s not a recent purchase so I can’t help you find one, but keep searching!

sister missionary blog

Enjoy the Journey

germany mission blog

striped pencil skirt

action shot

striped pencil skirt

lady lena blogger

Random scar appeared on my arm this week. That was a SCARy moment. haha

Ok so now I have a cool story for you. I went to the Provo Temple with my buddies to do a session. I beat them to the chapel (girl’s can change fast) and when they came in I noticed they were with their old roommate Adam! He’s currently in the MTC and we just happened to be in the same session out of all the days and sessions!! My reaction was to laugh. I just sat in the chapel laughing into my scriptures. I insist that this was not planned. It was so fun to walk back with Elder Ostergar and talk with him again. He told us all about the MTC (be wary of the food) and his new mission life. It was so great to catch up with an old friend and then come home to a letter from my best buddy Elder Mecham!

adam ostergar mission blog

Teachin’ us his ways!

writing a missionary

Letter selfie

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