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Any Monday that starts with crepes is a good Monday. Any semester that starts with living with 5 best friends is an excellent semester. Today I am counting my blessings for all the wonderful moments I have had lately. For example: Papa Helzer was a sweetheart and filed my taxes for me. Another example: I got the cutest bracelet from Style Lately. Have you guys heard of them? Pretty much they are a perfect place for missionary accessories because it’s one giant sale. That’s my kind of online shopping! So go check out their trinkets like this lovely bracelet.

style lately blogAnother thing to be grateful for: it came in this adorable little box!

lady lena blogger

hugs ‘n’ kisses

Little things are so adorable. Shall I continue with my grateful list? Someone once told me if I count all my blessings it will help you forget the bad things going on. So I count, and count, and forget, and count.

#4 I got to swim with Mermaids on Saturday. I swam with MERMAIDS. Woa. Still in shock.

#5 I created a spotify playlist with my all time favorite jams. It includes: lovefool, sweet dreams, kiss me, tide is high, island in the sun, and you make my dreams. I will never get sick of those songs. So I’m grateful that I can play it on repeat and my roommates have not killed me yet.

#6 Living a block away from a Temple. And come May, I will get to go to the Newport and San Diego Temples. Score!

#7 I’m not afraid to tell you how I feel. I know who I am; I have high heels and even higher standards. I’m grateful for the person I’ve become this freshman year and for those that have shaped me.

#8 Jennica gets a break from Cougarettes AND they won 2 National Titles! Which is unheard of. So way to go Jen & Team!

#9 Only 15 more days until I am in Michigan with my favorite children. So stoked!

#10 The last day of classes is tomorrow. Where has the semester gone? If you find it, let me know.

#11 I have the coolest readers in the world. Hip, hip hooray!

#12 Pinterest quotes make me feel better. 

pinterest quotes

It’s been a tough April but I can’t wait for the blessings in May (mainly going on a mission!)

This grateful list could go on and on and on, so perhaps I should take a break and show you more of my outfit.

blue blazer

Blazer: Charlotte Russe ($15)

style lately bracelet modest sunday outfits lady lena fashion

Oh one more thing to be grateful for! My wombmate Hailey made us cookies during Conference. Look at the one she made me! Isn’t she a doll?

cute sugar cookies

props to Hai!

Best of luck to everyone trying to survive finals! If you are stressed, downtrodden, or upset, GO WRITE A GRATEFUL LIST! I promise you that it will lift and inspire you.





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