How to Prepare to Leave on Your Mission

Hallo meine Freundin! I’m 6 weeks away from entering the Provo Missionary Training Center and just one week away from the end of Freshman year. Gee wiz! I thought I’d productively procrastinate studying but sharing some tips on how to prepare to leave so you can control your stress and enjoy your final moments home.

1. Stay organized. I got a little black notebook for free at Sundance and I write everything in it. Tasks to finish, medications to buy, farewell party ideas, missionary addresses, clothing items purchased, packing list, budget, etc. It’s crucial to stay organized. I bring my little black book everywhere just in case I think of something I need to write down. It’s a life saver!

2. Start working on your pre mission stuff online. As soon as you get your call you can log in and watch The Districts, work on family history, read the missionary handbook, etc. Do this sooner rather then later! It gets you pumped for the mission and you don’t want to have to cram it all in the month before.

3. Start scheduling final doctors appointments and start stalking up on medications you won’t be able to buy.

4. Read your scriptures every single day. This may seem obvious, but you are so crunched on time it seems easy to put off. You are going on a mission to preach what’s contained in the scriptures so better read them every day.

5. I started memorizing religious terms and phrases from Preach My Gospel in German. I suggest you do the same! You can find the language you will be speaking on the church’s website. Make flashcards and place them by your bed to study every night right before you go to bed. Das Plan Der Erlosung is stuck in my head from the late night studying. It’s awesome and simple!

6. I made my friends personal movies that contained videos of me celebrating milestones I might miss like birthdays and engagements. I also added a 30 minute video I made about our Freshman year. I burned them onto DVDs so they can watch them while I am gone. I think they’re going to really love them! And I’m excited to get home and watch the videos again.

7. Attend the Temple as often as time and means allow. I have the privilege of living down the street from the Provo Temple so I make sure I go once a week. It really puts things in perspective for me.

8. Have you deferred your schooling? Make sure to do that, you don’t want to worry about school while you are gone.

9. I made a small workout book from Pinterest workouts to bring with me. Sister Kati Ford has created one for you! Go check out it out, it’s in a PDF so all you have to do is push print. She is a life saver! I’ve got to do something to keep off all those German bakery goods and chocolate. In the meantime, get in the habit of working out. Pull a Nike and JUST DO IT.

side note: Sister Kati Ford also created these awesome Missionary Picture A Day sheets to print off.

10. Do simple things to organize your life each day. For instance, one day work on organizing your make up, another day work on organizing your desk, etc. Over time you will be super organized and more prepared to leave. Also, it will be better to come home to a nice organized storage place.

Bonus tip: Eat peeps, take naps, and watch Monk marathons with your best friend. (I’m looking at you Hannah Call.) It will calm all possible nerves.

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Lady Lena

7 thoughts on “How to Prepare to Leave on Your Mission

    This is fabulous. I laugh out loud everytime I read one of your posts.
    6 milers for life.

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