Sister Missionary Style | School Girl

Dear darlings,

It’s finals. Pinch me. Pinch me hard. You know my secret to success? I listen to my top ten favorite songs on repeat. So what does that include? Island in The Sun, Lovefool, Tide is High, Kathleen, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These), and Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. I’m old school, yo! And that is how I stay alive during finals. You can do it to!

In light of my last week of school until January 2015, I thought I would create a school girl outfit. Isn’t that crazy? I’ve been in school the majority of my life. This new chapter is slightly terrifying but mostly exciting. Lots of excitement!

bella in berlin long blonde hair

frankfurt germany blog

look at me, I’m artsy! hah.

what to bring on your mission

cute mission shoes are not a myth

cute skirts for missionaries lds mormon fashion blogs

lady lena blog

plaid rad mad glad fad nad tad

School is almost over. Gulp. Still hasn’t set in. I can’t believe this Friday I will be moving out of a place with so many awesome and not so awesome memories. The Penthouse will always hold a special place in my heart. Those closest to me know why. Creepy winky face. Hahah. So hope you enjoyed this outfit! See more on Le Facebook.


Lady Lena

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