Hello Home!

After a crazy week of finals, packing, cleaning, saying “heartfelt” goodbyes, moving home, organizing, and repacking; I’m so grateful to enjoy this chill Sunday. No homework to worry about, no tests to study for, just time to breath. The Lady Lena reached 100 likes on Facebook thanks to Rachel Becerra who just got called to the Bacolod, Philippines mission!!

I looked at my busy calendar for May and I’m not going to make it to my home ward until my farewell. Michigan and California here I come! I thought I should enjoy my hometown and adorable home as much as I can before I go so I took some lovely photos. But first things first, f-a-s-h-i-o-n. I love dresses. I prefer them over pants. Unless those pants are my grandma green sweat pants. Nothing beats those. Anyway with the warm April weather now in bloom, I’ve been enjoying wearing all my spring dresses like this piece.

j crew dress bloggers

dress: j crew outlet (Michigan)

alena helzer blog

mormon fashion blogger

shirt: banana republic

mormon jewelry

The silver bracelet has Joshua 1:9 on it

alpine swiss mission blog

studying 501 German Verbs

shane co

Necklace: Shane Co

Now let’s do a weekly roundup!

byu blogger

We said our ‘see you laters’ but not without a classic sword picture.

I will NEVER get tired of this view.

I will NEVER get tired of this view.

Welcome Home 004

This was fun to unpack. Ask me how this all fit in my car? Miracles children. Miracles.

This was fun to unpack. Ask me how this all fit in my car? Miracles children. Miracles.

luggage for missions

Got my mission luggage!

golden retriever cuddling

life is ‘ruff’ without these guys

german castles

Two of my family’s favorite things: puzzles and germany

cotton on wood letters

letters: Cotton On

utah house decorating

We got these in Sweden. My house is a cross between an Ikea catalog and a child’s brain. I love it!

cute house decorating ideas

draper utah drives

Drive with the long lost best friend Amanda

beautiful utah views

Well hey there Draper!

This weekend has been such a whirlwind but no complaints! What are you doing to enjoy this Sunday?

Until the next time (which will be filled with missionary fashions I assure you),

Lady Lena

3 thoughts on “Hello Home!

  1. My Sunday was filled with watching Monk. Thanks for asking 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip to Michigan and California (AKA Ryan’s surfer body).

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