Sister Missionary Style | Hang Gliding Park

Good evenin’ Ladies ‘n’ Gents! Let me tell you something cool about Draper. It is home to a premiere flight park known worldwide for it’s great conditions for hang gliders and paragliders. I love watching them take off and soar into the sky and I thought it would make for a great backdrop.

Today has been filled with errands. There’s a lot to prepare before I leave in EXACTLY ONE MONTH! Wow. Where has the time gone? Tomorrow I fly out to Michigan to visit my favorite carnival family. There’s only a few things I love more than airplane rides and one of them is carnival food. Although this will be a great break, I’ve still got to stay focused. That means reading my scriptures, practicing my German, and planning for life after the mission. But let’s just focus on one thing at a time, shall we?

I present to you a 100% thrifted outfit. Learn to thrift. That will help you make cuts for a mission budget. Want other tips? Click here or give this one a try.

cute senior pictures utah

outfit: entirely thrifted

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things to do in draper


neon lipstick real life great locations for family pictures in draper utah hang gliding park draper

draper utah parks


mormon lifestyle blog

Behind the scenes

Hope everyone has a mundane Monday a terrific Tuesday. Get ready for some serious photo overload this week.


The Lady Lena

One thought on “Sister Missionary Style | Hang Gliding Park

  1. I love thrift store shopping. It saves a lot of money and you can get some really cute looking clothes. 🙂

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