I Like Airplanes and Other Stuff

Hello from the sky! I’m on my second airplane ride of the day and this time I have no neighbors. (Which actually kind of stinks because I brought a Book of Mormon and was super excited to practice being a missionary! You win some, you lose some.)  I’m not going to lie, I adore airplane rides. There’s something classy about them. (And let me tell you, it’s usually NOT the people. Yeah I’m talking about you Mr. sit behind me kick my cardboard seat and swear like there’s no tomorrow just because of a little turbulence.) But really folks, airplanes and airports just have a classy feel to them. Perhaps it is that feeling of adventure at every terminal. Every person has a unique reason of being at the airport and I just want to know them all! That makes the people watching very entertaining. ‘He’s a business man off to Denver for a conference’ I gather. ‘Large family wearing matching shirts off to Disney World no doubt.’ ‘She’s going to visit her long lost love in Paris.’ I could probably people watch for hours on end if I had to; luckily my friend wanted to chat/make sure I didn’t die of boredom at the Denver airport. I suppose I should add that to the grateful list. #802 talking on the phone; let’s do it more often.

Right now I’m flying above the clouds as the sun settles below. It is a picture perfect moment but guess who stuffed their camera in their suitcase? This girl. I always manage to luck out and get the window seat. Score! I always appreciate the view from the sky; it makes everything look so vast and lovely. Interesting how sometimes you just need to get a different perspective to see the beauty in things? The same can be said for real life situations. Just like when you are in the middle of a field filled with dead grass and weeds, being in an ugly situation can make it hard to appreciate it until you find a new perspective, like being 3,000 feet in the air. See all the life lessons you can learn from airplanes? Cah-las-ee!

Woa. Now I’m viewing a lightning storm from the sky. A whole new perspective, I could tie in so many analogies from my life. At a time in my life I felt like I was stranded in that previously described ugly field but now I’m at a point where I can find the beauty in every situation. It’s like I’m always viewing things from the sky. It’s fantastic! I love it! I challenge you to view your problems like that. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

I have another example for you. A few weeks ago I received a call that I could choose to go to the MTC two weeks early or 4 weeks later. I was torn! I wanted to leave right away but I knew it would be too stressful to finish finals a week early, move out, say goodbyes, squeeze in a farewell, and spiritually prepare; so I chose to enter  4 weeks later. At first I was disappointed and a little annoyed because May 1st seemed like the perfect date; I was ready to get out there. I was stuck in that ugly weed infested field. When the early date came, I knew I had made the right decision to delay. I realized as I drove to the airport that had I chosen that date I would have been on a flight to Berlin today and not Michigan. (timing like that is meant for a movie!) Tomorrow my district (aside from those delayed like me) will enter the MTC and I can’t express how glad I am I have some extra time. When they first delayed me I felt frustrated but now I can see the blessings.  (Viewing it from the sky. Literally!) I get 4 extra weeks to spend quality time with those I love, I get to visit my 2nd family, I get to breath between moving out and moving in, I get to say a proper goodbye to my friend (you know who you are and you know our Provo goodbye wasn’t good enough. #youcanrunbutyoucanthide), I get to swim on the beach one last time for a while, I get to ride in 4 airplanes and watch the sunset and the cities light up, and I get to directly blog a few more times!  Oh and let’s not forget I get to see The Great Gatsby! (Which I have really low expectations for because I don’t want to be disappointed. Not! I have incredibly high expectations. I’ve been waiting for this since I was a junior in high school. This better transport me to the twenties; after all I am ‘the 20s side’. Leo do not let me down! I am a product of the 90s, of course I am in love with you.) Anyways, disregard the coded tangent; the real message is perspective. If you take one thing from this post take this: anything is beautiful from far enough away; weather it takes you time, space, or distance to get far away, it matters not.

This sappy sky message has been brought to you by Frontier Airlines.

To all those in my district going in tomorrow: vielen gluck!


Lady Lena

My friends surprised me at the airport with this sign that said 'Welcome Home Sister Helzer' as a joke. Foreshadowing much?

My friends surprised me at the airport the first time I returned from Michigan with this sign that said ‘Welcome Home Sister Helzer’ as a joke. Foreshadowing much?

4 thoughts on “I Like Airplanes and Other Stuff

  1. Haha I love the sign! And I totally agree about airplanes. My dad is a pilot, so I end up flying quite a bit and I never have to think about something to do at the airport because I always people watch!

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