12 Helpful Tips For Nannies | Michigan in May

Well hello there wordpress! I didn’t see you behind all those other tabs. You could say I’m home from Michigan although I’m not sure what that really means. Michigan felt like home for me in the summer and the Provo Penthouse felt like home for the 8 months after that so being in Draper is just a different home. I’ve got a picture overload for you! Most of the pictures are on the beach because I mostly spent my week enjoying naps listening to the carelessly crashing waves as the sand wrapped me in nature’s duvet. I’m a beach bum, there’s nothing to justify it.

Before I get started, I thought I’d share some helpful Nanny tips for those wanting to embark on a crazy adventure.

  1. Do your research. I wanted to nanny for a summer before college to make money so I figured out how much I needed to make a week to reach my goal. When I started looking for jobs online, I made sure they paid my bare minimum for my weekly goal. I also knew I wanted to be a live in nanny so I made sure rent and a car would be included because I didn’t want to have to spend the money I was making for college.
  2. Honest communication is key! When I applied for jobs I was straight forward and told them I could only help out in the summer. This makes things difficult because a lot of people want a nanny for at least a year but ultimately this honest communication got me my awesome gig!
  3. Make sure you make a nanny contract. It should include your expectations for the family and the family’s expectations for you. Have both parties sign it.
  4. Only fools rush in. Take time to ponder what family would be the best for you. Are you better with older kids or younger? Do you urban or country settings? Or even, can you travel in a carnival and live in a trailer for 3 months? Think it over and discuss any and all concerns with the family beforehand.
  5. Get silly! Kids tend to have a lot of serious adults in their life, you get the privilege to act silly with them. Play make believe, dress up barbies, and throw random dance parties. The kids will open up more quickly to a warm personality. Plus, everyone knows silly people never got bored.
  6. Know when to punish and how to punish. Sometimes the kids will think they can disobey you because you are in fact not their mother. I don’t tolerate rude behavior and the kids I nanny can testify. Time out is my favorite punishment because it gives the kids time to contemplate their naughty behavior.
  7. You have to let go of the little things. Some days I found myself getting so annoyed and frustrated at every little thing but I realized that I would have to pick and choose my battles. For example, if the kids want to eat pb&js instead of my homemade meal, fine. The sooner you realize this, the better.
  8. Complement each child. Every kid is different but they all just want attention. Make sure you tell them how amazing they are and how much you care about them. If you really care about the kids, then your nanny job transforms from mundane tasks to fun filled play.
  9. You don’t have to have everyday planned exactly but have a rough draft. The night before I would go through my head with ideas about the next day; what I needed to do and what I wanted to do. Be open to change though, because nothing is set in stone with kids!
  10. Get creative with your activities. I lived on a carnival but that didn’t mean everyday was spent under the hot sun riding the Ferris wheel eating cotton candy. One of my favorite places to take the kids was the library. For starters, they are free and air-conditioned! They often have a kid section for the kids to play and read in little nooks. Other fun activites included: building forts, cartoon and pajama day, and anything on the beach.
  11. Enjoy your days off! This seems like a no brainer but really, enjoy that time you have off. Don’t be afraid to go explore! I went to art museums, movies, local restaurants, and even the Zoo by myself! You can learn a lot about yourself when you take the time to hang out with you.
  12. Last, but not least, have fun! Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Being a nanny = lots of great stories to tell your future children. (Also gives you GREAT experience.)

Now let’s get back to that picture overload. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed with the beautiful Lake Michigan.


how to be a successful nanny

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Michigan Day One Beach 004 Michigan Day One Beach 028

Sure, it's cheesy but I just adore this kid.

Sure, it’s cheesy but I just adore this kid.

tips for future nannies from lady lena

The Lady Lena

Michigan Day One Beach 041 Michigan Day One Beach 048 Michigan Day One Beach 064

setting up the carnival

setting up the carnival

Holland, Mi 020

Took a day trip to Holland, MI

Took a day trip to Holland, MI


how to be an awesome nanny

DON”T BE AFRAID TO BE SILLY! The kids wanted a picture of our bums.

nanny blog 015 babysitting activity ideas Live in Nanny tips great nanny stories

I wore this name tag and soon I will trade it in for a mission name tag

I wore this name tag and soon I will trade it in for a mission name tag

nanny guide

our home

should I nanny

Kentucky Derby time!

nanny in the midwest the lady lena nanny tips Day 4 Michigan 032 Day 4 Michigan 044 Day 4 Michigan 048

olendorf art

I stayed at the guest house of the late artist Bill Olendorf. There were paintings EVERYWHERE. It was like staying at a museum overnight.

art details

all else passes, art alone endures

all else passes, art alone endures

The real deal!

The real deal!

the view from the guest house to Lake Michigan

the view from the guest house to Lake Michigan

what to do with a stubborn kid Michigan Day Five 020 Michigan Day Five 026 Michigan Day Five 049 Michigan Day Five 055Wow I can’t believe you made it through all that scrolling! Congrats!

Have a wonderful week dear friend.


The Lady Lena


4 thoughts on “12 Helpful Tips For Nannies | Michigan in May

  1. Hi! I saw this post of Pinterest while I was looking for a little inspiration. I start my first nanny position in a week and my anxiety has been through the roof. I will also be a live in nanny but I will be going through school while nannying. (Wish me luck) What you wrote really hit home with me. It helped ease a lot of the stress I feel right now. I will definitely be re-reading once I’m a few weeks in and need a little more reassurance to just relax and have fun, because that’s what the kids really need! So thanks!!!

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  3. Thank you so much for the inspiring words! I can’t wait to start my own experience! Reading your story makes me being more excited about it! Big fan! Congrats!

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