P Day Means Pajama Day, Right?

Hello old sport! Why yes, I did just return from watching The Great Gatsby. I’ve only been waiting for it to come out since I was a junior in high school. I was so impressed! I forgot how beautifully Fitzgerald writes. Add him to my inspiration list. What’s that? I don’t have one? Well I guess I better start one! 1. F. Scott Fitzgerald 

I’m currently listening to the movie soundtrack. I have a feeling my mom might get a little annoyed on our road trip tomorrow. 16 hours of 1920s music anyone? Haters gonna hate. 

Prior to watching Leonardo Di Caprio steal my heart, I spent the day running errands and packing. Oh, and I spent it in my nightgown. It’s been a loooong day. No really, that’s what my nightgown says. 

Kayla was caught off guard when I showed up for our lunch date in the nightgown she bought me.

Kayla was caught off guard when I showed up for our lunch date in the nightgown she bought me.

Cut me some slack; I did put on nice shoes to counteract my pajamaness. Yesterday I bought a camera for my mission! My bulky dslr just won’t cut it so I made the switch to the Nikon Coolpix s5200. The above and below pictures were taken using it. I’m already a big fan!! And for the Costco price of $119, I’m an even bigger fan!

2000s stretchy shirts

I knew the day was going to be weird when my sisters were wearing these shirts. All that’s missing are their tamagotchis!

Ten bucks I will still be whiter than my sisters when I return from 10 days on the beach. Oh genetics, wherefore art thou?

I took my dear friend Hannah’s senior pictures today. Yes, I do have a lot of friends named Hannah. Here’s a  little preview of what’s to come!

work it Ke$ha.,,,er, Hannah

work it Ke$ha.,,,er, Hannah

Oh and I suppose I should mention, I still didn’t change out of my nightgown to take her photos.

am I pwetty?

am I pwetty?

I didn't choose the thug life.... and it didn't choose me either

I didn’t choose the thug life…. and it didn’t choose me either

Hannah Glass Senior Pictures 093


I must be off to bed, I’ve got a loooooong day ahead of me. Just wanted to tell all of you getting ready for you missions that some days may require you to enjoy your pajamas. It’s perfectly normal and 100% okay! Keep up the good work, don’t let the stress get to your head! Remember your purpose and keep your head up high but your dress standards low. Hahah. Now old sport, go watch The Great Gatsby and dream of the fabulous 20s until you can recreate it on demand. In the meantime, I’m going to search Fitzgerald quotes until  an old fashioned car comes to pick me up on a Paris corner and transports me to the 20s every night. Hmm, someone should make that into a movie.

“I wish I had done everyone on earth with you.” 



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