Sister Missionary Fashion | East Coast meets West Coast

Dearest reader,
I apologize for the pause on the blog, you can attribute it to my pre mission vacation with my mom. I dragged her all around Southern California soaking up art and repelling sun on the beach. I also had her take these missionary fashion pictures on our tour of the Disney Concert Hall. It was the perfect backdrop to my all black New Yorker ensemble.

Shirt: Mikarose

Skirt: Hannah’s closet, I think TJ Maxx

Collar Necklace: Papaya

Shoes: DI, but originally Gap Kids. Small feet problems.

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On my vacation I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a dear friend’s farewell. It seems like just yesterday he got his call. January 25th if my memory serves me correct! At the same time so much has happened since then. I feel like these past 9 months have simultaneously dragged on and flew by. I wonder if that’s how my mission will be. It seems like just yesterday I opened my call and yet in 9 days I will enter the MTC, perhaps with many of you! If you see me, don’t be afraid to say hi! I don’t bite.

For the rest of you, write me. Dearelder me. Email me. Postcard me.  Although there’s nothing like the nostalgic feeling of opening up a crisp letter with the ink smeared and the words misspelled, emails are equally enjoyed.

Oh and if still haven’t seen Great Gatsby DESPITE my plea, for the sake of your soul GO SEE IT. I watched it again after a perfect day of sailing ‘n’ sunsets and I think I enjoyed it more the second time. Although that may not be entirely because of the movie…haha. Just go see the movie and you can thank me later.

It’s time I draw this post to a close, but don’t worry I’ve got a lot coming for you this week! Packing for the mission, Hannah’s senior pictures, California pictures, and as requested, more nanny tips. Pretty soon you’ll wish I was back on the beach and off the blog.

Peace out girl scout!


Lady Lena

One thought on “Sister Missionary Fashion | East Coast meets West Coast

  1. Great place to take pictures! Love the reflection and the striped skirt. Floral, stripes, Chevron and other designs all can be worn by Sister Missionaries. Gone are the old bland days of Sister Missionary style. Thanks for the posts, we love following you and hope to see more soon.

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