Letter One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Dear darlings,
I survived. I survived being dropped off on Wednesday. I survived all day Thursday. And now it is Friday and it is already my P-day. I am in a Dritt, which simply means instead of having one companion I am blessed with two!! I adore them. We clicked right of the bat! Sister Rasmussen and I met at BYU so we were so pleased to find out we were companions. Sister Norton is also a doll! I should call her giggles because that’s what she does. All three of us are going to Berlin and today we got our travel plans! On June 11th we fly to directly to Amsterdam and then to Berlin. Isn’t that exciting?! I also got mail for the first time today. We had to wait until we had a district leader but now that that’s settled, I’m looking forward to receiving mail everyday!
The MTC is a great place filled with great people. I love the time I have spent. Because days are 16 hours long, it really does feel like I’ve been here twice as long. I’ve already gotten into the habit of waking up at 6 (30 minutes earlier then needed) just to work out. I told you that I am coming back with a 6 pack…..of Germany’s finest beers. Haha.
I can’t stop smiling. Seriously. All I do is smile here! We were in a branch meeting for THREE HOURS and all I could do was SMILE. For those of you that know me, I enjoy being funny and laughing but I’m not the type of person to always have a smile on my face. Well at least I didn’t think I was. Hahah. Oh, speaking of my branch, my branch president is terrifying. He reminds me of Lotso from Toy Story 3. Our branch is an international branch because everyone has been fast tracked. There is a kid here that came on Wednesday but yesterday he went to his HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION then came back to the MTC. Haha can you believe that? He’s going to Montreal, Canada speaking French.
One of my roommates recognized me from this blog. What are the chances?
I keep running into a lot of people I know from high school or BYU. It’s really fun to see familiar faces. Everyone is connected somehow! I really wanted to run into Elder Giles because we’ve always talked about getting a picture together in front of the MTC world map. I didn’t see him all day Wednesday but at lunch on Thursday I saw him! It was so thrilling to see eachother in the MTC. It seems like yesterday that we opened our calls! Wow how time flies. Don’t fret. We got the map photo. The world can simmer down.
I forgot my waterbottle. I am always so thirsty. But that’s the only problem I’ve faced. We haven’t really done any langauge study, they just expect us to know it or learn it there. At first I was nervous about that, but now I know that God will help me. He is always there. He will be there for me when I land in Deutschland and He will be there for me when I start attempting to speak to strangers.
Fun fact: a lot of German people here have told me that I look German. I think my roommates and I all look just typical white Americans yet they will walk up to me and tell just me that I look German. I am half German so it makes sense, but I didn’t realize how German I could look.
I’m running short on time (pictures took a while so I hope you enjoy them!) but I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of your letters.  I love being a missionary! I have a burning in my heart that this is where I am suppose to be. Where are you suppose to be?
Much love,
Sister Helzer
Sister Missionary MTC diaries

I am in a companionship with 2 girls! We call it a Dritt. Sister Rasmussen and Sister Norton.

MTC sister missionary days

MTC Freebs

This is a bucket full of FREEBS right outside my room. HEAVEN!

MTC selfies

This is the most attractive picture of me. Ever.

MTC diaries

Sis Ras and I have the top bunks! Woot woot! You know I was singing “if you live hard core, then you die hard core!”

Cute Sister Missionaries

Cute Sister Missionaries

3 fingers for day 3.

Cute Sister Missionary

And this is me pointing to Jared’s classroom which is right by my house. #stalker

Cute Sister Missionary
The sign says ‘anxiously engaged’ which is what I am! As in anxiously engaged to serve a mission! holla back lovas!

Cute Sister Missionaries

Artsy Photo.

cute sister missionary

This is me with the District Leader, Elder Baker. Crazy story. I went to school with him in 7th and 8th grade! We took German together with Mr. McGee. Isn’t that funny?!

mtc district

This is my whole district. All the girls are going to Berlin and 2 of the boys are going there too.The others to Frankfurt. We are in a fast track Branch which means the people come from everywhere! We have French speaking to Asian speaking. It’s pretty awesome.

mtc missionary adventures

I’m a dork.

mtc mission adventures

Well I’ve run into a lot of people including our old Home Teacher…

mtc mission adventures

and Corahor!!

sister missionaries

My Dritt is the coolest. Pride? Yea lots. Deal wid it y’all.

sister missionaries


The moment you’ve all been waiting for…And by YOU i mean ME.

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