Letter Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

Hallo Hallo!

Last time we left I was about to take a tour of the Frauen Kirche. Well let me tell you, it was phänomenal. The best part was the church basement. We tried to find the dead bodies. No luck, but we’ll try again. After the tour we got curry wurst, a German classic. The elders dared me to get the hottest kind, the number 7. I got it, ate it, loved it! The elders could not eat it. It was so spicy!! They cried. What can I say, I’m half German!
This week was full of tender mercies! On Tuesday we went finding at the University and after rejection upon rejection, we met a Peruvian lady named Bertha. We didn’t have a Spanish Book of Mormon on us but she was interested so we got her number to bring her one. She was so refreshing and nice, exactly what I needed to keep me encouraged. Missionary work is often about just being a friend and a positive face for the church.
On Thursday we went to Leipzig for Zone Conference. After the conference we were coming off of the train and two men yelled at us Jehovah Witnesses. We went over to talk with them and explained that we were actually Mormons. Then we ended up talking for a good 20 minutes about the gospel and they were so impressed with us and our church. Leo, one of the men, even moved over so his cigarette smoke wouldn’t get in my ‘pretty american face’ haha. At the end, he gave me a hug. I was caught off guard but I couldn’t refuse. I just looked at Elder Stoddard with wide eyes of sheer terror. Haha oh brother imma be an awkward rm.
On Saturday we had 15 minutes of finding at Grosser Garten (check out the picture!) before 9 pm and we saw a family walking on the other side. We cut through the woods and ran to them. WE LITERALLY RAN TO THEM! It was quite a site to see. We got to speak with this lovely Chinese family and invited them to our Chinese sunday school class. They were stoked!
Those are just some of the amazing people the Lord allowed us to meet this week.
We also got to meet with Mr.S, our progressing investigator, 3 times this week! He is going back to Vietnam for the summer and he wants to learn as much about the gospel as possible. He is so willing to learn, I can’t believe just a month ago he knew nothing about Jesus Christ. His heart is so open and prepared.
Yesterday was the best tender mercy of the week. One of our less active members was feeling sick so he didn’t come to church. I asked him if he wanted a priesthood blessing and he said he didn’t know if it would work. I texted him that I know the priesthood works so he agreed to come by the church. Turns out he is really depressed so we had a great joint teach and at the end the elders gave him a beautiful blessing. He lit up at the end and said he could physically feel it working. He said he knew now that Priesthood comes directly from God. It was marvelous! I love the priesthood and the blessings we recieve. I also love joint teaches because I get to learn so much from these experienced Elders. they may not understand hashtags, but they sure are great missionaries!
I love missionary work because I get to experience moments like that. Three cheers for tender mercies!
Another thing I love about my mission is the food.
On Friday we did service at a DI type store. Afterwards we decided to get ice cream. We saw a place that sold a scoop for .80 so we all got one and continued walking down the street. Sister Ahrenholtz spotted a different ice cream store that sold 4 scoops for 2 euros. ‘Too bad we just got ice cream, that is a great deal!’
I looked at my ice cream. It was half gone.
‘I could eat more.’
We all finished our ice cream and got more. That is how much we love ice cream!
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.
Thanks for all the fun emails! I can’t believe I’ve been gone a month. For those preparing to leave on missions, the wait to go feels longer than your mission. Komisch!
Until next week,
Sister Helzer
german missionaries

isnt it lovely?

Berlin Germany Missionary

We got to take a train to Leipzig for Zone Conference.

Berlin Mission

Missionary work sure is glamorous. Ha. ha. ha.

missionary handbook; never look like a tourist. woops.

missionary handbook; never look like a tourist. woops.

this is grosser garten. it is stunning! and the best place for finding because the spirit is so strong!

this is grosser garten. it is stunning! and the best place for finding because the spirit is so strong!




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