Letter Six from the Lovely Lady Lena

Wow I can’t believe the week is already over. Where does the time go? Maybe you will let me serve for 2 years….
This week Sister Degraw and I were dooring when I heard someone playing on the guitar and singing to a song I like. Naturally I HAD to knock on the door and tell them how great they were and share a short message. Turns out the guy doesn’t even live in that apartment but we set up an appointment to meet with him. When we got to meet with him he told us how he believed in God but he didn’t understand how all the churches believed in one book but intereruppted it so differently. It’s as if he wanted us to just ease into the first discussion. Where were the cameras filming this movie moment??!
That was the high of the week. We also had lows like fall out appointment over fall out appointment usw. However, we are not discouraged! Every morning is a new day to meet new people and create new smiles. It may sound cheesy but hey, it works!
You know what else cheers me up?
B I R T H D A Y S.
Sister Ahrenholtz turned 20!!! So we surprised here with this ghetto cake. Beer bottles are so in these days.
Anyways, Happy birthday darling! I’m so glad we get to live together and I can’t wait for us to go to an Enya concert some day.
Yeah you heard me right. We listen to A LOT of Enya. Every morning actually. What can I say, she gets me?
So last Monday we went to Königstein as a district. That was pretty cool and I got a lot of great photos, but even better than that was Monday night. The trains have been running weirdly due to flooding and our train never came. We were an hour and half late to the Bishops house for FHE. When we left the Bishops house that bus never came so we walked for an hour to a different bus stop. That bus never came. We finallllllly made it home at exactly 10.30 and ran to bed. That is obedience! And obedience brings miracles! One of those miracles came Sunday. I texted a bunch of people in our phone and told them I couldn’t wait to see them at church even though we hadn’t talked with some of them in months. Sacrement meeting came around and one person actually showed up! And he’s a GERMAN!! If all goes well, this could be my first German untersucher. (investigator) And that, missionaries, is why you are obedient in the face of temptation!
Here’s the mission tip of the week: bring crystal light or something! I have yet to find lemonade and I’m dying for a cooooool glass of lemonade!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week. My family just bought a scooter (cool guys) without me. Lovely. Be safe.
The End.
Sister Helzer
hey nice view

hey nice view

german grafitteeeee

german grafitteeeee

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