Letter Ten from the Lovely Lady Lena

Guten Morgan!

     I think I have met my soul sister. Her name is Rachel and she is an opera singer here in Dresden. Okay, so I may not sing Opera BUT we are quite a pair together. She is a ward member here and goes on a billion joint teaches with us. She is from the Tri Cities (shout out to my brothers mission) and served a mission in Hamburg. She is due to have her first baby TOMORROW. Yes, I am a jealous older sibling. I can’t wait to meet baby Lydia but I will miss having Rachel at our joint teaches. Yesterday she had us over for dinner and told us an hilarious tale. She once sang opera in London and Prince Charles came to watch her. after the show she went to meet him and Camilla. You are not suppose to call them ‘you’ let alone their first name, but nerves got the best of Rachel. While talking to Camilla, Rachel said ‘oh yeah, Charles just told me that!’ Uh oh. Camilla’s eye just twitched and she didn’t know how to correct this american. Meanwhile, Rachel’s mother went to the dressing room and asked where her daughter was. The dresser told her she was meeting the prince and Rachel’s mother says ‘Oh reaaalllllly!’ in a very loud, sarcastic, and fake british accent. rachel’s stories never cease to excite! I knew I would make friends with investigators and stuff but never did I think I’d become so close with a ward member. Ward members are the bomb. If you are reading this and you are Mormon, then you are a ward member. Go be the bomb to some missionaries. That’s my rant for the day.
     This week I got to go to Chemnitz for a day on exchange. Chemnitz was originally named Karl Marx City. Let’s just say, I was not surprised to see this GINORMOUS statue of Karl Marx in the city center. I took the oppurtunity to teach him from the Book of Mormon. Not sure if he caught on. I also took the oppurtunity to eat a Chemnitz chocolate donut. There is something amazing about donuts here and that is they don’t make you want to die after eating one. American donuts are so heavy that after eating just one you slip into a sugar coma. Germany has figured out the perfect pastry proportions. say that 5 times fast.
     One thing that Germany has not figured out is Air Conditioning. Something I once took for granite (grandtit? grandite? spell check puh lease!) has now become my most lustful desire. It’s not just homes that go without the power of AC. It is E V E R Y T H I N G. Churchs, hospitals, trains, you name it! Germans also don’t believe in opening windows on opposite sides so that air travels! Appartently if the air travels it is dangerous and you will die. It is better that everything is so hot and stuffy that when you sneaze it just sticks in the air. Let’s just say the lack of AC really makes me appreciate the rain. And boy does it rain!
     So now onto mission tips! I don’t know about other missions but here everyone decorates their planners! For this transfer, I have sister Ras and I falling out of the premortal world. We decided we were friends there. Loooooong story, but good planner! I am a huge planner fan. I also use it as a fan. See above paragraph about the air. Here are some useful planner tips!
and here are some photos of my week. Have a wonderful week! Thank you for the letters and emails! Shoutout to my Draper Craft Ladies! I know August is birthday month so I hope everyone has a great birthday!
Until Next Time,
Sister Helzer

just teaching karl marx about the church


sister missionary

let the rain fall down. hillary duff just knows me so well!


berlin sister missionary

uh oh spaghettioh


sister missonaries

hip hip hooRAIN


sister missionaries

we figured out a new way to read the white handbook…put it to music! by the way, we are in normal clothes because we were about to go to my favorite place… THE TAFEL


sister missionaries

casually picking wild flowers for our table. I LOVE GERMANY IN THE RAIN!


sister missionaries

I went to Chemnitz for a day on an exchange. I learned that Chemnitz has amazing donuts. Oh and it was once named Karl Marx City.


sister missionaries

i had a bit of fun


berlin sister missionaries

planner tips:
1. sticky notes will be your best friends. i write down what I want to make sure to talk about in each lesson. I also write down words I heard but don’t know and then I research them
2. colored pens are also your best friend. It awakens your planner from the dull pencil.
3. at the beginning of the transfer I write down every day what my exercise will be. that way every morning I know what I am doing and I just HAVE to obey what the calendar says.


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