Letter Twelve from the Lovely Lady Lena

Sending sunshine from Dresden! I welcome you to the three Rs of Missions.

The Random:
1. I tried explaining Smores to a Chinese Investigator in broken German. I guess Marshmallows are not a thing here so I had to explain that they were made from gelatin, which comes from horse hooves. That made it sound reallllly appetizing.
2. In sacrement meeting a kid took off his pants and walked around the chapel pantless. Nobody cared to put pants on him. He just walked around. Pantsless. Welcome to D R E S D E N. Luckily, my investigator was asleep and didn’t sleep. Yes, for once I am glad he slept during sacrement!
3. The next week in sacrement meeting our baptismal date told me to drink my water like shots. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERY MISSIONARY! Well, he is a bar tender so I can’t blame him for thinking that.
The Righteous:
1. I have written a list of people I love and adore. Every day I choose someone off of that list and I dedicate my day to them. When the work gets hard I think of them and say ‘I will do this for them! for narnia!’ It makes the work more fulfilling. Give it a try!
2. I was reading in the Bible and found an adorable scripture. Gal 6:11. I think I’m going to put it at the end of all my letters. Awww so cute.
3. As a missionary in East Germany, I have to oppurtunity to hear people say their very first prayer. It is thee best feeling. I really can’t get enough of it. Praying is my drug. These people have the most honest prayers and they inspire me to improve my personal prayers.
The Rags:
Someone asked me what 5 fashion things I couldn’t live without on my mission. After great thought; I narrowed it down to my all time favorites. It’s time for OPRAHS FAVORITE MISSION THINGS!
1. A classic blazer. It is finally starting to cool off which means I get to whip out cardigans and blazers! I love a simple one colored blazer to give a pop to my outfit. Nothing with too broad of shoulders, just a light simple pop of color. And I’m no color expert, but I think royal blue will be making a huge come back. Stock uppppp!

2. Mid calf skirt! These seriously saved my life in the hot humid German summer. They are so breazy, so comfortable, and so modest. Truely, anyone can wear a mid calf skirt. I am a short 5 foot 3 and work that midcalf. Tall sisters can rock them to! And they work for all types of weather. German is pretty bipolar when it comes to weather, so need I say more?
3. Skinny belts. I’m not the first person to say this and I certainly won’t be the last, skinny belts can change an outfit the way baptism can change a person’s life! Ok maybe not that dramatic, but you get my point. Plus they are small and easy to pack. Packing tip: shove them in your shoes!
sister missionary fashion
sister missionary fashion
4. Umbrella. Every mission is different, but here in Germany it likes to rain. And then rain. And then flood all of East Germany. Good thing I have this adorable umbrella to stand out amongst those depressing black umbrellas. ‘Hello, would you like to hear more about our church? We are happy because WE HAVE CUTE UMBRELLAS!’
5. Denim shirt. And a no iron one, because who has time to iron clothes?! Seriously those, this denim shirt just goes with everything. All skirts. All the time. All day. Denim. Denim. Denim. If I could coin one catch phrase it would be: DO DENIM.
In the end, missions are not about the clothes. I only allow myself to worry about clothes in the 10 minutes it takes me to get dressed and then I go on with my day and worry about the people. I love being a missionary in East Germany. I love hearing from everyone. Keep up the great work, we are all missionaries!

One thought on “Letter Twelve from the Lovely Lady Lena

  1. Ey there! Thank you for all these tips, I just have a question… You said denim shirt, but… What about the rule: no denim or leather.
    Was a problem for you?
    I really want to bring with me a denim shirt, I know how comfortable could it be to match with colorful skirts.


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