Letter Thirteen from the Lovely Lady Lena

Guten Morgan!

First off, I just discovered that Kim and Kanye named their baby North! I may be behind on the times so sorry for the old update. North West? Really? Well Blu Ivy is really starting to look like a normal name! (Beyonce I am so sorry I just compared you to Kim Kardashian. Please forgive me Beyonce, I know not what I do!) I miss my trashyDailymail.co.uk, where grammar goes to die! Haha not really though, I actually love not being so overwhelmed with Kardashian pictures.

Well on that note, I had a great week! We had interviews with the mission präsident. My mission is super big, at one point we had the most missionaries in any mission! Right now we have 260 missionaries, yet our präsident knows each of us. He is so great! I’m so glad that he will be here my whole mission because I don’t think anyone could live up to him.

Last week we went on a rainy day adventure around Dresden! We were planning to go bowling, hence the street clothes, but that fell through. Instead we wandered in and out of darling shops. And shops with terrifying mannequins. Even the darling shops had weird mannequins. It reminded me of this dumb play my 9th grade theater class wrote about mannequins who come alive. The worst part is we performed it for the whole school. I am so sorry Crescent View Middle School class of 2009!!

We also took beautiful pictures in the rain. I am obsessed with rain.

This week I also recieved a package from my parents. Filled with… get this… COOKIES AND CREAM POPTARTS! Woohoooooo! Shout out to how awesome my family is. Nothing is better than cookies and cream poptarts after a long hard day of missionary arbeit. Err, I mean work. Sorry, didn’t mean for my danglish to slip!

On Wednesday we had 6 people show up to German class. It was a miracle! (We normally have 2 people come.) Do you want to know why we had this amazing miracle? Because the week before we passed out 1000 flyers to apartments and went to work. We didn’t see the miracle while we worked hard, we saw it after. That is a great lesson so take notes. Work hard and then you will see the miracles! Simple as that.

Sunday I went to Chinese sunday school. It was part english, part german, and part chinese. The weird things I witness in Dresden…I’m beginning to understand Chinese! And less German. Uh oh.

Well I must be off now, we are going to the zoo!

Have a splendid day my dear reader,

Sister Helzer

p.s. I did the math and I am 173 transfers old.

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german missionary

bought a basket of blueberries but I dropped them and they spilled all over the rainy mucky ground. say that 10 times fast.


german mission

german rain 



german graffiti


german missionary

schön dass sie da sind!





german missionary

my family is the best because…THEY MAIL ME COOKIES AND CREAM POPTARTS!


sister missionary

getting chalky


sister missionaries

bike bike bike bike bike bike EVERYBIKER














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