Letter Thirty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

Can you say A W K W A R D? This week was awesome, but over all filled with awkward moments. I disgress, I shall share them with the world.

     Case A. We were 10 minutes late to a eating appointment (because we found a new investigator! details later) and when we arrived at her house everything was dark. We called, knocked, and waited. Repeat. Finally we decided to turn around and make the treck back home. The next day she came up to us at church and told us that she had been home but hid when we came to teach us a lesson. She felt that because we had not called her during the week to see how she was doing, that we were snobbish sisters with our noses stuck up in the air. For that reason, she decided to teach us a lesson. So she hid in the dark for half an hour! haha. Not exactly sure what lesson I was suppose to learn….awkward.
     Case B. In the german language there are two ways to address a person. One is more formal, it is called Sie. The other is less formal and is used between friends, relatives, and children. That is called Du. It is a mission rule that we must use Sie with others to show our respect and the seriousness of our calling. Many people have a problem with that because it feels strange for them, but we fully support the mission rules and use Sie. One of our new investigators wants us to use Du with him and keeps asking us. We taught him about the nature of God and how we are all God’s children, brothers and sisters. Later in the week he texted us and asked if we could use Du since we are all God’s children, brothers and sisters. Hahahah, clever guy. However, we figured out a way to outsmart him! We now just talk in passive voice, therefor eliminating the use for Sie or Du. For example, instead of saying ‘you can take a picture’ I would say ‘a picture can be taken’. The sentences always sound a little….awkward.
     Case C. One of the new members invited us over for his birthday party. The theme was Mormon! That meant there was no beer, no coffee, and we watched the Joseph Smith Restoration video with everyone. I have never seen anyone be so bold with their friends and family about sharing the gospel. I was so impressed by his wonderful example to me. The only thing that made it uncomfortable was that all the guests wanted to talk about was beer. A topic I have nothing to relate it. So that birthday party turned out to be a bit….awkward. (I loved it none the less though! and the cake was to die for!)
     Besides all the awkward, this week was in reality quite amazing. We got a media referral (as in someone who requested to meet with missionaries) in a small town on the Czech border. We also got a giant bag of clothes and shoes from this 86 year old investigator. Yes, the grandma vest and the pumped up kicks came from the same lady! Also we had a full moon and sky filled with stars. I’m not astronomer, but I am fairly certain we could see a planet as well.
     Stay classy!
sister helzer
p.s. What’s up with all this talk about Frozen? Has it taken over America or somethin’?!
she got caught in the branches hehehe

she got caught in the branches hehehe


the school

the school




we have funnn!

we have funnn!



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