Bonus Letter

Alright. Enough of this blog drought, I can’t handle it! I’m currently on a bus from Prague to Berlin and there’s no better way to spend my time than by writing to you. Now I’m typing on a tiny little smart phone and you’ll simply just have to wait until next week for a longer post. I just wanted to stop in here to say DONT FREAK OUT THE ADVENTURES OF LADY LENA HAVE NOT ENDED. Now you’re probably thinking “oh no. What more could this goober have up her sleeve.” Well I will leave that a surprise…*insert malicious evil laugh* the missionary work goes on, but now with an awkward twist of being companions with el dad-o. Si me ablo espanol. Tu ares atun. Oh shoot. I’ve got to do my bladder gladder and there’s no stops for 3 hours. #monk #arehashtagsstillathing #outoftheloop

The second point of me writing this post was to invite you to my homecoming. Yes you! Unless you are Finnish. Then you are uninvited because Finnish people have better things to do than listen to a 21 year old returned missionary attempt to speak a whole 15 minutes without using a German word. SPRITZRINGEN! (You probably thought that was a terrifying word right? It’s actually just the name of a terribly delicious German pastry.)

So when will I see you? Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 11 am.  Kings Peak chapel in Draper Utah USA. What’s that? You live in Australia? Well I suppose you can join us for the Skype session!!!! Haha just kidding.

Oh guys I am seriously so exciting for what’s about to happen. This website (and my post mission body) are about to get a makeover! I’ll tell you more about it shortly, but trust me, it’s not to be missed. In the meantime, enjoy some photos I’ve taken on my phone!


Czech me out. Punny right?


Prague in all her glory


Lookin fly grandpa!

Oh did you want to see more photos? Well do I have a solution for you! Follow me here.

I wish you all the best, but if you excuse me I ought to write the talk you’re going to hear shortly.
Sister Helzer (still a missionary for another glorious week!)

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