Sister Missionary Fashion | East Coast meets West Coast

Dearest reader, I apologize for the pause on the blog, you can attribute it to my pre mission vacation with my mom. I dragged her all around Southern California soaking up art and repelling sun on the beach. I also … Continue reading

Hello Home!

alpine swiss mission blog

After a crazy week of finals, packing, cleaning, saying “heartfelt” goodbyes, moving home, organizing, and repacking; I’m so grateful to enjoy this chill Sunday. No homework to worry about, no tests to study for, just time to breath. The Lady … Continue reading

Lena Lately & Style Lately

style lately bracelet

Any Monday that starts with crepes is a good Monday. Any semester that starts with living with 5 best friends is an excellent semester. Today I am counting my blessings for all the wonderful moments I have had lately. For … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | Salmon ‘n’ Stripes

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Hip hip hooray, it’s Friday! And oh what a much needed weekend! Tomorrow I am going to swim with mermaids. Yes, you read that correctly. Look forward to some ‘fin’tastic pictures. Today I have the last peplum installment. I’m loving … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | Leopard Peplum

sister missionary leopard shirts

Guten Tag! The past few days our mail key has been MIA which is no beuno because tomorrow I’m set to receive a missionary letter. So today I went to our central building to request a new key be made. … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | Pretty in Peach and Peplum

how to wear a peplum

Hello lovelies! This week I’m going to do a three part series on peplums. There a few dresses in a girl’s life that they will never forget. Prom dress, wedding dress, and Michelle William’s 2012 Oscar peplum dress. I instantly … Continue reading

Where to buy Sister Missionary Clothes

Hello! Hej Hej! Wilkommen! I’m getting visitors from all over the world and I can not express how much I love that! Yesterday I had a visitor from a country I have never even heard of! Clearly I need to … Continue reading