Letter Fifty from the Lovely Lady Lena

Herzlich Wilkommen Sister McBride! I got my new compy comp and Tuesday and now I am the one in charge of finding our way around Berlin. Uhhhh…. I need a GPS! Actually, it’s not that bad, although we were an … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Nine from the Lovely Lady Lena

My first love is in the mission. Syrian eating appointment. Transfers. Hoarders Abroad. Those were my spoiler alerts. So much to say, in such little time, I thought I would break it down. Last Monday I was reunited with a … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

Starting this week’s posting off with a big shoutout to the YSA girls in Cairns, Australia! I hope you aren’t all melting down there. Please send my love back to the Innisfail branch. danke schön!     Where to begin…where to begin? Sister … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Oh what a lovely Christmas! I really enjoyed being a missionary this holiday season. Here are my top 5 reasons why everyone should give it a try! 1. People will feed you. On Christmas Eve I got to try goose. … Continue reading

Letter Thirty from the Lovely Lady Lena

Sister Hansen is currently using Mozilla Firefox to write her emails, so I’ve decided I can no longer be her friend. Haha kidding, but seriously, google chrome all da way!! Despite her strange computer ways, I absolutely adore Sister Hansen … Continue reading

Letter Twenty-Nine from the Lovely Lady Lena

Keeping it short and simple this week, so enjoy all the photos. Sister Hansen and I made the trip to Berlin for the Christmas Conference. It took us 6 hours by train which meant we got to sleep over in … Continue reading

Letter Twenty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

Going home a year from today. Gasp. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen! I am enjoying myself all too much here, especially during this Christmas season. Everyone window has a Schwibbogen inside to light the night, and pyramids with candles … Continue reading

Letter Twenty-Six from the Lovely Lady Lena

Let’s talk about the rule of threes. 3 transfers. 3 miracles. and 3 days until my 6 month mark. 333! times 3! 3, it’s a magic number! The First Three: Transfer calls came this week and you’ll never believe what … Continue reading

Letter Twenty-Five from the Lovely Lady Lena

Where does the time go? The email time I mean. I got to make this quick because somehow the time has managed to escape, so enjoy this mostly photo blog post. After all, pictures are worth 1,000 words! This week … Continue reading

Letter Seventeen from the Lovely Lady Lena

Guten Morgan!      Can I just start by giving a huge shoutout to two of my best friends who recieved their calls! My darling Whitney is going to Paris, the city of lights, and my BFFAE Hannah is hitting … Continue reading