Letter Seventy-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

One of Mama Helzer’s favorite sayings is ‘it’s not a meal without a spill’. This simple phrase became a slogan for any fancy dinner at the Helzer Home. No matter how much we attempt to prevent, at some point during … Continue reading

Letter Seventy from the Lovely Lady Lena

Some weeks I feel so inspired to write the coolest, sickest, radest emails on the face of the planet. Today all of my creative juices are drained….mostly because Mama Helzer just spoiled my birthday surprise and I can’t quite concentrate … Continue reading

Letter Sixty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Real estate agent. Travel agent. Therapist. Sport professional. Mover. Masseuse. Baker. Translator. And of course, Mormon Missionary. These are all the roles I played this week, one of the most eventful weeks of my mission. There is no way that I could even relay … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

Welcome reader. This last week was simply splendid (trademark Sarah Campbell) and filled with tender mercies (okay, here come the water works). We had a wonderful mission tour with President Dyches. I think what hit me the most were his … Continue reading

Letter Fifty-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

ONE YEAR. three hundred and sixty five days. That’s the time that has passed since I last saw you. And you. And maybe you. I really can’t believe that I have been out here for so long. Now is my time to … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Nine from the Lovely Lady Lena

My first love is in the mission. Syrian eating appointment. Transfers. Hoarders Abroad. Those were my spoiler alerts. So much to say, in such little time, I thought I would break it down. Last Monday I was reunited with a … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Eight from the Lovely Lady Lena

6 months. Gulp. That’s right, today marks the start of my third and final mission trimester. I feel like time is playing some cruel trick on me! Do I really have to start eating healthy and working out harder for … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

     Dear reader. I exhort you to please hit up the after Easter sales in America and load up on 10 cent boxes of Peeps and then come gather around the computer screen and read my letter. (but really, load up on those Peeps … Continue reading

Letter Forty-Five from the Lovely Lady Lena

‘This is not real!’ (if you know what I am quoting, I will seriously love you forever.) Seriously though, this past week has flown by and this transfer is only 5 weeks so everything is just going too fast. Blarg! On … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

Can you say A W K W A R D? This week was awesome, but over all filled with awkward moments. I disgress, I shall share them with the world.      Case A. We were 10 minutes late to a … Continue reading