Letter Forty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

     Dear reader. I exhort you to please hit up the after Easter sales in America and load up on 10 cent boxes of Peeps and then come gather around the computer screen and read my letter. (but really, load up on those Peeps because you’ll never when you suddenly move to Germany and can’t enjoy a chemical, american Easter, so eat them for me!)

This week was a rOlLeRcOaStEr. Three of our investigators dropped us through a text message within 24 hours. And the other investigators have just slowly dropped off the face of the planet. H O W E V E R, we did not let that ruin our Easter week. It just made me think of a quote I saw one time on pinterest ‘Sometimes rejection is just God’s way of saying ‘wrong direction”. There is no road map to missionary work, we are often going the wrong direction, but God will not lead us astray for too long. He will always set us back on the path He wants us.

We were on the path He wanted us when we met Miss M. After teaching English at the church, we ran to catch a bus. On that particular bus, there happened to be a member. He called out to us saying ‘My SISTAHHHHS’. Miss M asked me ‘are you really his sisters?’ and before I knew it, I was teaching her the story of the restoration in 5 minutes on a bus. I asked if she wanted the copy I had, but she had no interest and got off the bus with the member.

When they got off the bus, Miss M began speaking with the member. She started asking him all these questions about the church and he decided to jump at the opportunity and made an appointment with her and us. The very next day we met with her and the member. She had a list of questions waiting for us. They went like this:

‘What does a Mormon do every day?’

‘What  job does a Mormon have? A carpenter? Farmer?’

‘How can one become a Mormon?’

Well needless to say, we were able to quickly answer the first questions and then get into a great lesson about the Restoration. Miss M then came to church and next week she is planning to start singing in the ward choir with us. Moral of the story: you never know where God’s path is for you. It may include running to catch a bus, or speaking to a blind man while your companion is on the telephone, or it may include offering a stranger a piece of Rittersport chocolate.

On a hilarious note, we had an appt. at a train station, but the guy never showed up. So we talked with this other man who turned out to be Schizophrenic and at the end of our conversation he said ‘well I think I deserve at least 20 cents for my time. Plus I need the  money to buy beer.’ Hahaha if I got paid 20 cents for every random conversation I had, I would be a very very rich man. We gave him a card and told him that was priceless. I don’t think he appreciated the gospel as much as a refreshing beer though.

And to end on a spiritual  note, please go watch this video. You will not regret it. It shows my town, BERLIN! And the whole time I watched it, I had goose bumps. It is seriously fantastic. You are also seriously fantastic. and don’t you forget that! 

mucho love-o,
sister helzer

posted by Splendidly Sar


the beautiful stormy sky

the beautiful stormy sky


Rittersport store. Or Heaven? I can't tell the difference.

Rittersport store. Or Heaven? I can’t tell the difference.


check point charlie!

check point charlie!


spring time!

spring time!




I am learning to master the art of european bread.

I am learning to master the art of European bread.



hahaha classic door mat. story of my life.

hahaha classic door mat. story of my life.


this is how we get our groceries. such a sport!

this is how we get our groceries. such a sport!




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