Sister Missionary Style: Teal Takeover


Hallo, wie gehts? I’m practicing my Deutsch. Still have yet to complete my 202 German homework. Woopsies! I did, however, fulfill my promise of bringing you some missionary attire! Please don’t mind the quality of the photos. It was late at night in my dorm. From now on, I will take my pictures mid day, outside, beautiful lighting. Can you bear with me this one time? Danke!

lady lena mission blog lds lady lena fashionAlright, I promise not all the outfits are going to be this way but this one is entirely made up of things I got at the Deseret Industries. But this is suppose to inspire you, so go in search of fun, teal colored clothing. I personally love the color teal, I think it’s one of those few gems that looks great on everybody. The mid calf skirt, however, is not my personal favorite as I am only 5 feet 3 and a half inches and could use any fashion trickery to appear taller. But a sister missionarys gotta do what a sister missionarys gotta do, so hello awkward mid calf skirts, welcome to my new closet!

Stay tuned for some more missionary fashion posts this week! Don’t forget to pin, tweet, facebook, tumblr, and whatever other social media you kids enjoy using these days!


Lady Lena

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