Sister Missionary Style | All American

Dear reader,

Guess who is once again sick? I swear this semester has it out for me. People say that Satan works his hardest on you before you go on your mission, but honestly I had no clue how hard he’d work. He needs to take a vacation. Or maybe I need to take a vacation. Anyone want to take me to California? I wish BYU had spring break at times like these. Oh well, I will just close my eyes tight and pretend I am on the beach with the warm sand squishing between my toes and the waves crashing in the background. I am so grateful for imagination. It can take you to far away places when you are actually ill on the couch. Maybe I should start a grateful list. Number one: creativity and imagination. They can take you out of any dark corner. Number two: cough drops. I pray Germany has them. Number three: my friends. I’m bound and determined to fill these last 6 weeks with amazing memories.

Alright that’s enough for the grateful list. Let’s move on to fa fa fa FASHION. My darling roommates helped me out once again. Can they get a woot, woot?! We went with an all American look: red, white, blue, and stripes! All the pieces are super basic, easy to find, and my favorite word: versatile.  skirts for sister missionaries germany berlin mission the lady lena blog cute coats sister missionary

bella in berlin

Since I’ll be going to BURRlin, coats are a must!

daily universe byu

So what think ye? I’m a big fan of this classic, timeless look. If I were you, I’d be so impressed I’d even like The Lady Lena on the FB. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. It makes me want to go on a picnic date. *hint hint* Actually, what I REALLY want is breakfast in bed. That makes being sick semi acceptable.

With love,

Lady Lena

7 thoughts on “Sister Missionary Style | All American

  1. Just wondering where the navy pleated skirt is from? Actually the top that goes with it too! Haha I’m totally lost on where to find good stuff!

  2. Alena! I can’t believe that I stumbled across this on pinterest! I was like pinning cute sis missionary clothes, and then all of the sudden… Hannah?! Wait, NO WAY I know this girl! These pictures are adorable! 🙂

  3. Is that Sister Call in some of those pictures? She was a missionary in my ward for quite some time! Haha how funny!

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