Sister Missionary Style | The Pink Collared Shirt Saga

Dear reader,

It’s Monday. It’s Monday. It’s Moooooonnnnnndaaaaaaaaaaay. I only have 9 more long, boring, hard to get out of bed Mondays before my mission. Woah. Only 9! I better make the most out of each one of them. And by that I mean, stay in bed blogging and eating cake batter pancakes. The life ❤

I recently went shopping with my madre for mission blouses. I found this lovely one at the Forever 21 at University Mall in Orem, Utah. It was love at first sight due to the lace collar. This shirt will go great with so many of my skirts. Practically all now that I think about it. I’ve decided to do a 3 part series showing the same shirt in 3 different outfits. Since you have limited room in your suitcase, it is crucial you can get multiple outfits out of every article of clothing.

lady lena germany berlin mission

Le Shoes are from TJ Maxx. I just barely bought them! They are so unbelievable comfortable.

alena helzer blog fashion for mormons

sister missionary mall

I love my gold bow bracelet. My sisters and Mom have matching ones.

hair for your mission

You asked. I answered. I use steam rollers from the 80s to curl my ridiculously straight hair.

If you are wondering, the pleated skirt is also from University Mall. It’s from a store called Mikarose. They have a billion modest skirts. Even a few dresses, but none that I braved purchasing.

Here’s a sneak peek for part 2 in the Pink Collared Shirt Saga

germany mission blog

get ready!

Until then,

Lady Lena


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